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Emunand Switcher 1.0.0

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After an idea, I started to develop this payload app. The app is rather for developers and testers thought but who can use it, with pleasure... This can simultaneously operate a maximum of three Emunands on the SD card and be changed with a few clicks. The Emunands and the content installed on SD are all separate and can be updated with different system software versions.

At the moment this is just for SXOS, but as soon as the atmosphere SD Emunand is released on June 15th, I'm ready. ;) It works on all system software versions (payload) because it is an RCM app and will run before any CFW or Nintendo code follows.

Before installation, an Emunand must be created by SXOS and also work!

Installation Guide:

The installation should be made on the PC, console off, SD in the PC (important because of the Emutendo folder, otherwise there are errors) So not with NXShell or something ...

1. Copy folder emunandswitcher to root SD

An Emunand must already be installed sxos/emunand = Emunand 1

2. Copy desired Emunandbackup into emunandswitcher/folders/emutmp01 = Emunand 2
3. Copy desired emunandbackup into emunandswitcher/folders/emutmp02 = Emunand 3

4. Copy Emuntendo folder content in emunandswitcher/folders/emutendo01 = Emunand 2 Emutendo
5. Copy Emuntendo folder content in emunandswitcher/folders/emutendo02 = Emunand 3 Emutendo

The folder structure will change if an emunand is being switched, please do not change it. The app orientate on the folder which Emunand is installed, etc. If the original state is to be established, install Emunand 1. Then everything is in the state as only one Emunand would be installed.

6. Edit config.ini in the emunandswitcher folder as you like: Edit only the back text! e.g.
Emunand 1 = System software 6.20
Emunand 2 = System software 5.10
Emunand 3 = System software 3.00


Emunand 1 = Testemunand
Emunand 2 = Systememunand
Emunand 3 = Whatever

After an update of an emunand the config.ini has to be edited again manually.

7. Copy emunsw.nro to switch/emunsw/emunsw.nro

8. Copy emunandswitcher 0104449021444000.nsp to SD root

9. SD card back into Switch and boot SXOS

The Emunandswitcher "emunsw.bin" can be started via a Payload Loader like Dongle, TegraRCM etc.
But it is simpler:

10. To start from the Switch menu, install Emunandswitcher 0104449021444000.nsp.

To start from the homebrew menu run Emunandswitcher there.

11. The installation is done and configured you can start ...


Start the Emunandswitcher via the desired method: Start via NRO in the Homebrew menu, or start NSP in the Switch Menu, or send the payload.

The app informs when starting if a theme is installed and will be removed if necessary. To avoid the starterror when starting another system software version.

Under "Start SXOS ..." the currently active emunand is being updated from config.ini.
Under "Emunand 1 - 3" the input is displayed in the config.ini.

To change an Emunand simply press on the desired icon. The app always informs what is done or if something should be wrong. Nothing is changed as long as the conditions are not right!

Attention: Only boot0.bin, boot1.bin and full.00.bin are checked because there are different sizes of an emunand.

After the change under "SXOS start ..." the old Emunand in white and underneath the change in green is displayed. Press "Start SXOS ...", SXOS will start with the changed emunand.

Repeat these steps for every change you want.
To make the original state just install Emunand 1 and start "SXOS ..."


The use is as always at your own risk! I'm not responsible if your SD card is broken, your switch explodes or the moon falls to earth! This can happen when using any homebrew and also original software ... The tests were very successful and all bugs should be fixed.

Created by Storm 2019 with Visual Studio and DevKitPro, based on argonNX and hekate, Icons template and some code lines by @mrdude. Thanks to the programmers! Thanks @Muxi for the detailed beta test!

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