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Switch Backup Manager 1.2.1

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Complete Switch Backups management tool

Main Features

  • Manage your local (XCI & NSP) and SD card Switch backups
  • See game info retrieved from web or edit them manually
  • Group and sort files list
  • Keep track of scene releases using nswdb.com database
  • Trim your files
  • Auto rename your files using a user define pattern
  • Copy and move files between your local collection and SD card (either way)


Que novedades incluye la versión 1.2.1


  • Fix issue with Rocket League (by Garoxas) - Biggest NCA in Rocket League XCI does not have proper PFS0 header, causing the app to allocate massive amount of memory due to garbage data in the file count field. Skipping NCA with invalid PFS0 header, with exception of some games with zero data PFS0 header e.g. 1-2 Switch, where it's having zero data PFS0 header despite it's a valid NCA
  • Add FW 6.2.0 support for NSP and XCI (by Garoxas) - Add support for NSP and XCI with minimum firmware requirement of 6.2.0, and MasterKey6 requirement
  • Fix json parsing in version list (#92) #93 (by Garoxas)
  • Fix fields missing in XML database of NSP files #91 (By CameronVetter)
  • Show error log for banned certificates (By Garoxas)
  • Some minor Logging Changes (By Romfrosk)
  • Solved #111 where "select outdated updates" was not working

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