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NSC Builder (Nintendo Switch Cleaner and Builder) 0.85

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NSC_Builder is based in the awesome function "REMOVE_TITLE_RIGHTS" from nut by blawar this function let's you erase the titlerights encryption from nsp files.

Tinfoil and SX installer will install the ticket either way so for it to not stay in your system you need to erase the ticket and cert from the nsp, this batch will take care of that.

Current version of the program allow you to make multi-content xci or nsp files.

The batch has 2 modes:

  • auto mode: you drag nsp files individually or folders with several files over the batch to enter in auto mode.
  • manual mode: you double click the batch and you can build a list of files to process.

The behavior of these modes can be controlled by editing ztools\NSCB_options.cmd

2. Important

The program incorporates a custom build of nut.py and hacbuild with several added functions. You won't be able to use it if you replace these files for the official builds.

3. Requirements

  • A computer with a Window's OS is needed
  • You'll need to have Python 3 installed for the program to work correctly
  • You'll need to install these libraries: "urllib3 unidecode tqdm bs4 tqdm requests image" to assist you in this you can run "install_dependencies.bat" file.
  • You need to fill the keys_template.txt file inside the ztools folder and rename to keys.txt
  • You'll need to have at least .net frameworks 4.5.2 installed so hacbuild can work correctly.

4. Option description

OPTION 1: Work and Output folders setup

OPTION 2: Route to needed programs

OPTION 3: Nut options

  • pycommand -> your command to invoke python 3 (by deffault py -3)
  • buffer -> buffer in number of bytes for the copy functions

OPTION 4: Route to game_info.ini and keys.txt

OPTION 5: REPACK OPTIONS. Controls repack in auto mode.

Repack option for auto-mode
  • xci -> repack as xci
  • nsp -> repacck as nsp
  • both -> repacck as both
Type of repack for folders
  • indiv -> repack content individually as multiple xci/nsp
  • multi -> repack content as single multicontent xci/nsp


  • indiv-> Enter in individual packing mode directly
  • multi-> Enter in multi-pack mode directly
  • choose-> Prompt to choose the mode in which you want to enter


Select if you want to zip things that will allow to restore nsp files to original state.

5. Limitations

  • You can't make multi-content xci files with more than 8 games. It'll give error when loading in horizon. I suspect it may be a qlauncher limitation so it could work with theme mods but INTRO didn't test it.
  • If you pack an update that requires a superior firmware that you're in you won't be able to skip the update prompt.

6. Planned features

  • List manager.
  • Batch tools to put in application some of my changes to nut libraries.
  • Support for meta patching and control nca building for custom logos.
  • Skips for individual mode.
  • Content splitter.
  • Titlerights restoration mode.

7. Thanks and credits to

NSC_Builder is based on

a.) Nut: Without the work of "blawar" one of the most talented Switch sceners nothing of this would be possible at this point.

b.) Hacbuild: The xci repacking functions are based in hacbuild made by LucaFraga

c.) hactool: Program which function is give information, decrypt and extract a lot of different kind of files us by the NX System. Hactool was made by SciresM.

d.) 7zip: Program meant to compress and extract files in several formats. 7zip was made by Igor Pavlov https://www.7-zip.org/

Thx to MadScript77 his great suggestions,specially the idea of profiles for the batch. Thx to Liam from old SH discord for always being helpfull. Thx to XCI-Explorer's creator StudentBlake since his program made easier for me to came up with the fix for hacbuild.

Also thanks to all members from gbatemp, elotrolado.net and my friends at discord 😉

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.85


  • - Introduced ability to create multiple multixci or multinsp in both auto and manual mode based on the base-titleid of games\updates\dlc.
  • - Introduced ability to setup jobs for multimode so they can be build in one go later. This is useful specially if you want to add several games to xci\nsp
  • - Introduced ability to ignore setup jobs in favour of the current one.
  • - Setup folders for multibuild jobs. Main folder is "lists":
  • * Subfolder for setup jobs: lists\m_multi
  • * Subfolder for current jobs: lists\a_multi

 Note: The lists are created during the normal operation of the program.

  • - Implemented ability to handle the exceptions for the few asian games that had their title not decoded properly.
  • - Fixed issue for the multicontent splitter where updates\dlcs weren't splitted as nsp when the output was set to xci
  • - Added ability to output xci data on the databases
  • - Added simplified database option
  • - Added super-xci-trimmer to the individual modes. It'll take off paddings, update partition and game updates. It's meant to have minimun scene-xcis that can be verified with tinfoil which already ignored updates when installing these xci since they are normally outdated.

 NOTE: The card-ncas are not modified so the signature verifies on tinfoil

  • - Added file rebuilder on the individual modes. This rebuilds by cnmt order nsps, doesn't ignore files without deltas, adds cnmt.xml files and erases deltas if selected in the config as the other modes
  • - Delta removal mode now rebuilds by cnmt order and create cnmt.xml files
  • - Delta removal mode now respects original names.
  • - Fat32 mode in the multimode from NSCB-new new now follow the same renaming stile as the exfat mode
  • - Added more tag-removal options
  • - Added ability to set up delta-removal, xci-supertrimmer or nsp-rebuilder on auto mode.