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This is a program that automatically downloads all games from the CDN, and organizes them on the file system as backups. You can only play games that you have legally purchased / have a title key for. Nut also provides a web interface for browsing your collection.

You should copy nut.default.conf to nut.conf and make all of your local edits in nut.conf.

If you only wish to rename / organize files, and not download anything, edit nut.conf and set all downloading options to false. Your NSP files should have the titleid as a part of the filename in brackets.

It can download any titles you do not have a key for (for archiving), by enabling sansTitleKey in nut.conf. These titles are saved with the .nsx file extension, and can be unlocked at a later time when a title key is found.


  • Download nut
  • If you'd like to download from the CDN, place everything in your already configured CDNSP directory. Specifically, you'll need:
    • Certificate.cert
    • nx_tls_client_cert.pem
    • keys.txt
  • Install Python 3.6+
  • Install the following modules via pip:
    • pip3 install colorama pyopenssl requests tqdm unidecode image bs4 urllib3 flask
  • Configure nut.conf (see below)
  • Run python3 nut.py --help to understand options

USB Server for DZ

Ensure nut is configured correctly to see your NSP's, and run this command to enter USB server mode: nut.py --usb

Server GUI

If you wish to run the server GUI, you must first download the images from nintendo. You may do so with this command: nut.py -s --scrape

This will take some time. When it is complete, you can start the web server with: nut.py --server

Then point your web browser to localhost:9000


All configuration is done via nut.conf.


Configures how you want nut to store (and organize) your files. By default:

Base Games:		titles/{name}[{id}][v{version}].nsp
DLC:			titles/DLC/{name}[{id}][v{version}].nsp
Updates:		titles/updates/{name}[{id}][v{version}].nsp
Demos: 			titles/demos/{name}[{id}][v{version}].nsp
Demo Updates:		titles/demos/updates/{name}[{id}][v{version}].nsp

nspOut			_NSPOUT
scan (folder)		.

Title Lists

nut will download, parse, and combine titlekey lists for URLs defined in titleUrls and titledb\*.txt. They will be loaded preferentially: first local lists (in alphabetical order), then remote lists. This is useful in case you'd like to maintain custom title naming (ie. in a titledb\z.titlekeys.txt

Acceptable formats:

Rights ID|Title Key|Title Name







Place any title ids that you want to download in whitelist.txt, separated with a newline.

If you want to download all games, leave the file empty.


Place any title ids that you do not want to download in blacklist.txt, separated with a newline.


nut.py -h
usage: nut.py [-h] [--base {0,1}] [--demo {0,1}] [--update {0,1}]
              [--dlc {0,1}] [--nsx {0,1}] [-D] [-d DOWNLOAD [DOWNLOAD ...]]
              [-i INFO] [-u UNLOCK] [--unlock-all]
              [--set-masterkey1 SET_MASTERKEY1]
              [--set-masterkey2 SET_MASTERKEY2]
              [--set-masterkey3 SET_MASTERKEY3]
              [--set-masterkey4 SET_MASTERKEY4]
              [--set-masterkey5 SET_MASTERKEY5]
              [--remove-title-rights REMOVE_TITLE_RIGHTS] [-s] [-Z] [-z] [-V]
              [-o] [-U] [-r] [-x EXTRACT [EXTRACT ...]] [-c CREATE]
              [--export-missing EXPORT_MISSING] [-M MISSING]
              [--nca-deltas NCA_DELTAS] [--silent] [--json] [-S] [-m] [-p]
              [--scrape] [--scrape-delta] [--scrape-title SCRAPE_TITLE]
              [file [file ...]]

positional arguments:

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --base {0,1}          download base titles
  --demo {0,1}          download demo titles
  --update {0,1}        download title updates
  --dlc {0,1}           download DLC titles
  --nsx {0,1}           download titles without the title key
  -D, --download-all    download ALL title(s)
  -d DOWNLOAD [DOWNLOAD ...], --download DOWNLOAD [DOWNLOAD ...]
                        download title(s)
  -i INFO, --info INFO  show info about title or file
  -u UNLOCK, --unlock UNLOCK
                        install available title key into NSX / NSP
  --unlock-all          install available title keys into all NSX files
  --set-masterkey1 SET_MASTERKEY1
                        Changes the master key encryption for NSP.
  --set-masterkey2 SET_MASTERKEY2
                        Changes the master key encryption for NSP.
  --set-masterkey3 SET_MASTERKEY3
                        Changes the master key encryption for NSP.
  --set-masterkey4 SET_MASTERKEY4
                        Changes the master key encryption for NSP.
  --set-masterkey5 SET_MASTERKEY5
                        Changes the master key encryption for NSP.
  --remove-title-rights REMOVE_TITLE_RIGHTS
                        Removes title rights encryption from all NCA's in the
  -s, --scan            scan for new NSP files
  -Z                    update ALL title versions from nintendo
  -z                    update newest title versions from nintendo
  -V                    scan latest title updates from nintendo
  -o, --organize        rename and move all NSP files
  -U, --update-titles   update titles db from urls
  -r, --refresh         reads all meta from NSP files and queries CDN for
                        latest version information
  -x EXTRACT [EXTRACT ...], --extract EXTRACT [EXTRACT ...]
                        extract / unpack a NSP
  -c CREATE, --create CREATE
                        create / pack a NSP
  --export-missing EXPORT_MISSING
                        export title database in csv format
  -M MISSING, --missing MISSING
                        export title database of titles you have not
                        downloaded in csv format
  --nca-deltas NCA_DELTAS
                        export list of NSPs containing delta updates
  --silent              Suppress stdout/stderr output
  --json                JSON output
  -S, --server          Run server daemon
  -m, --hostname        Set server hostname
  -p, --port            Set server port
  --scrape              Scrape ALL titles from Nintendo servers
  --scrape-delta        Scrape ALL titles from Nintendo servers that have not
                        been scraped yet
  --scrape-title SCRAPE_TITLE
                        Scrape title from Nintendo servers