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PKGj 0.55

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pkgj allows to install original pkg files on your Vita.

This homebrew allows to download & unpack pkg file directly on Vita together with your NoNpDrm fake license.


  • easy way to see list of available downloads, including searching, filter & sorting.
  • standalone, no PC required, everything happens directly on Vita.
  • automatic download and unpack, just choose an item, and it will be installed, including bubble in live area.

Differences with PKGi:

  • queues multiple downloads.
  • supports the TSV file format.
  • installs DLCs, PSM, PSP and PSX games.

Current limitations:

  • no background downloads - if application is closed or Vita is put in sleep then download will stop.

Setup instructions

Setup games databases URLs in ux0:pkgj/config.txt. The file format is the following:

url_games http://thesite/games.tsv
url_dlcs http://thesite/dlcs.tsv
url_psx_games http://thesite/psxgames.tsv
url_psp_games http://thesite/pspgames.tsv
url_psm_games http://thesite/psmgames.tsv
url_comppack http://thesite/comppack/

Attention: The PS Vita has an imcomplete HTTPS support and most sites will not work, prefer HTTP in these cases.

The url_comppack URL must point to the folder containing the entries.txt file.

Make sure unsafe mode is enabled in Henkaku settings.

Then start the application and you are ready to go.


Using application is pretty straight forward. Select item you want to install and press X. To sort/filter/search press triangle. It will open context menu. Press triangle again to confirm choice(s) you make in menu. Or press O to cancel any changes you did.

Press left or right button to move page up or down.


  1. Where to get zRIF string?

You must use NoNpDrm plugin to dump existing games you have. Plugin will generate rif file with fake license. Then you can use either web page or make_key to convert rif file to zRIF string.

  1. Where to get pkg URL?

You can use PSDLE to find pkg URL for games you own. Then either use original URL, or host the file on your own server.

  1. Where to remove interrupted/failed downloads to free up the space?

In ux0:pkgj folder - each download will be in separate folder by its title id. Simply delete the folder & resume file.

  1. Download speed is too slow!

Typically you should see speeds ~1-2 MB/s. This is normal for Vita hardware. Of course it also depends on WiFi router you have and WiFi signal strength. But sometimes speed will drop down to only few hundred KB/s. This happens for pkg files that contains many small files or many folders. Creating a new file or a new folder takes extra time which slows down the download.

  1. I want to install PSP games as EBOOT file.

Installing PSP games as EBOOT files is possible. It allows to install games faster and make them take less space. However, you will need to install the npdrm_free plugin to make them work.

To install PSP games as EBOOT files, just add the following line to your config:

install_psp_as_pbp 1

If you want to switch back to the other mode, simply remove the line. Writing 0 is not sufficient.

  1. I can't play PSP games, it says "The game could not be started (80010087)".

You need to install the npdrm_free plugin in VSH, or install games as ISO.

  1. I want to install PSP and PSX games on another partition.

You can change the partitions these games are installed to with the following configuration line:

install_psp_psx_location uma0:

The default value is ux0:

  1. I want to play PSM Games!

You need to install the NoPsmDrm plugin and follow the setup instructions. After installing a PSM game, you'll need to refresh your livearea. You can do that by booting into the recovery menu and selecting Rebuild Database. This will also reset your livearea layout. To enable psm downloads and prove that you read this readme, add "psm_disclaimer_yes_i_read_the_readme" and the name of the needed plugin to the config file.

  1. The PSM Games don't work.

If you followed the instructions for NoPsmDrm, you can try to activate your account for psm games using NoPsmDrm Fixer.

  1. I don't want to loose my livearea layout/This is too much effort, there should be a better way.

Warning: This method may format your memory card, if you're not careful.

Well yes, there is. You can trigger a database refresh by removing ux0:id.dat and rebooting.

But: When using a Slim or a PS TV and an official memory card, you'll be asked if you "want to transfer the data on the internal memory card to the removable memory card". If you press "Yes" here, your memory card will be formatted. Just press "No". In case you're using a Fat, SD2VITA or USB storage, there's no risk.


Please read this Q&A carefully

  1. I want to disable version checking on start

Add no_version_check 1 to your config file


pkgj uses conan and cmake to build. The setup is a bit tedious, so the recommended way is to run ci/ci.sh. It will create a Python virtualenv with conan, setup the configuration for cross-compilation, register some recipes, and then run cmake and build pkgj for your vita and pkgj_cli for testing.

pkgj will be built in ci/build, you can rebuild it anytime you want by running ninja in that same directory.

You can set environment variable PSVITAIP (before running cmake) to IP address of Vita, that will allow to use make sendfor sending eboot.bin file directly to ux0:app/PKGJ00000 folder.

To enable debugging logging pass -DPKGI_ENABLE_LOGGING=ON argument to cmake. Then application will send debug messages to UDP multicast address To receive them you can use socat on your PC:

$ socat udp4-recv:30000,ip-add-membership= -

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.55



  • Compatibility packs are disabled by default. (see readme for using compatibility packs)
  • Remove legacy patch installation method. (see readme for Antiblacklist/whitelist users)
  • Support PSP Neogeo games. (credits: Yoti)


  • PSM games can now be installed automatically without rebuilding database. (credits: SilicaAndPina)
  • PSM runtime can be installed directly in PKGJ without Henkaku DNS.
  • Cover images for games. (credits: dragonflylee)
  • Exit from gameview with the cancel button. (credits: dragonflylee)
  • Compat packs default URL changed and always enabled.
  • Enhanced HTTP error messages.
  • Fix PSM Unity extraction path.
  • Fix all TLS errors with default URLs.


  • What's new:
    • Compat pack lists are no longer downloaded if either reF00D or 0syscall6 are installed. This prevents a TLS 1.2 error for users of reF00D or 0syscall6 on firmware <=3.65 without ITLS-enso.
    • Support Korean font.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Stop input processing when IME dialog (search dialog) is active.
    • Show all menu items when search is active.
    • Install PSP DLC to configured partition.



  • What's new:
    • Added NoNpDrm check on boot. If NoNpDrm plugin is not properly loaded, user will be notified, which should limit user caused issues.
    • Reworked diagnostics to properly detect reF00D plugin and added support for 0syscall6.
    • Refined HTTPS related error message to inform user to use iTLS-Enso to fix HTTPS related issues.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Removed (offline) proxy gate in default comppack_url in favor of iTLS-Enso.
    • Fixed 'compitibility' typos.


  • Fixed PSP manual extraction

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