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iTLS Enso 3.2

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Adds TLS v1.2 to devices with enso installed.



  • Install the provided VPK file.
  • Start the app, select "Install/Uninstall iTLS" and wait til it finishes.
  • You may want to only install/uninstall the new root certs, to do it select "Install/Uninstall the latest CA certs"
  • Reboot.


  • Team Molecule
  • Testers from the HenKaku discord server


  • Can i use it without enso?
    • Yes for browser-only patch, but it is strongly recommended to use enso.
  • Where can I find the CA certs?
    • vs0:/data/external/cert/CA_LIST.cer


  • Since version 3.0 iTLS also patches app-side TLS stuff.
  • Since version 3.2 iTLS also patches the NP server link on firmware 3.60.
  • Updating CA certs may fix some problems with web sites, apps (like netflix), etc.
  • For any help/serious issue DM me on twitter (twitter.com/skgleba)

by skgleba.

Que novedades incluye la versión 3.2


  • Reworked the patch method
  • Added a livearea icon
  • Fixed some 3.60 PSN errors
  • Reworked the un/installer, will no longer reset the tai config.txt


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