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ONEMenu for PSVita 3.16

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OneMenu for PSVita is a simple to use UI which separates the installed games and apps into categories.

  • Onemenu comes with a built in File Explorer.
  • Installing/uninstalling apps/games, vpks (Including Nonpdrm content, you have to install the plugin Nonpdrm).
  • Move the selected homebrew to diferent partition (ux0-ur0-uma0).
  • Connect via ftp or usb to the pc (Memory Card, SD2Vita or GameCard).
  • Extract zip/rar files.
  • Edit the title show in the Bubbles in the LiveArea.
  • Update the database without lose the IconLayout, very usefull to install PSM games (You have to install the plugins nopsdrm and nonpdrm).
  • Shrink Game: Allows to free up some space by eliminating some game folders/files such as: Game Manual, and some folders/files from ux0:app/(GAMEID) since those folders/files are also at ux0:patch/(GAMEID) (ux0:Repatch/(GAMEID)).
  • Install CustomThemes in ux0, ur0 and uma0.
  • Delete game content doesn't installed in the PS Vita from the directorioes Readdcont and Repatch (ux0,uma0,imc0,xmc0)
  • Functions to export Multimedia files (images jpg,png, music mp3, videos mp4).
  • restart, shutdown, rebuild db.


Que novedades incluye la versión 3.16



  • Fixed bug to Refresh Content for several PSM games. Thanks to KuromeSan
  • Add Un pack Resources from EBOOT. PBP/Iso (icon0.png, pic1.png, pic0.png, param.sfo)


  • Added support for firmware 3.73.
  • Added Refresh Content for PSM games. Thanks to Kuromesan
  • New option to create .zip.


  • Added support for firmware 3.71/3.72.
  • Added a simple video player (Only plays compatible videos with the PSVita).
  • In the game screen (Bubbles) you have to press the square button to access to system aplications.
  • Now, to access to the system options of ONEMenu you have to press the start buttom.
  • New option "Delete empty directories on multimedia directories" in the system options of ONEMenu.
  • Bug fixes and improvements in the code.

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