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OpenTuna 1.0.2

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OpenTuna is an open source version of "Fortuna", based on reverse engineering!!!.

While Fortuna was merely a proof of concept, OpenTuna was made having future development in mind:

  • It is made to be easy to use by the user. We included an easy to use installer were you only need to press X to install it.
  • Also, we included OPL on the release package, so you are ready to play once you install it.
  • It allows embedding compressed and uncompressed executables to the exploit icon
  • Since it is open source, it will allow porting it to other hardware versions, including TEST consoles.


  • Every Slim PS2 Console (SCPH-700XX, 750XX, 770XX, 790XX, 900XX)
  • PS2 TV
  • Only one specific FAT console model: SCPH-500XX with BIOS v1.90

How to install (using the installer):

  1. Copy the "OpenTuna_Installer_v1B_FINAL.ELF" to a pendrive.
  2. In your PS2, launch uLaunchELF.
  3. In uLE go to "File Browser", then "mass:/" and then look for the "OpenTuna_Installer_v1B_FINAL.ELF" file and execute it (with O or X depending on your configuration.
  4. On the installer, everything is straightforward. You should press X, then start the installation and wait until it finishes.
  5. Done!

How to install (using the PSU file and the APPS folder):

  1. Copy the "OpenTuna.psu" file and the "APPS" folder to a pendrive.
  2. In your PS2, launch uLaunchELF(*).
  3. In uLE go to "File Browser", then "mass:/" and then look for the "OpenTuna.psu" file and highlight it.
  4. Press R1, then "Copy". (Check if there's a green label in the top right corner, if it is NOT there, then try pressing O instead of X or X instead of O when you select the "Copy" option).
  5. Go to ".." then go to "mc0:/".
  6. If you hava a folder called "OPENTUNA" or "FORTUNA", highlight it, press R1 and select "Delete"
  7. Check there's at least 1.68MB of free space in your Memory Card (check at the top).
  8. Press R1 and then select "psuPaste" (not "Paste").
  9. Wait until it finishes, then go to ".." then go to "mass:/" and then look for the "APPS" folder and highlight it.
  10. Press R1, then "Copy". (same as step 4).
  11. Go to ".." then go to "mc0:/".
  12. Press R1 and then select "Paste" (not "psuPaste").
  13. Wait until it finishes, then reboot your console.

(*) We advise to use the specific uLE version provided here (WorkingULE.ELF) as we noticed that some uLE and wLE builds out there fails to properly set the timestamp.

If you do not have an exploit on your console, you can use FreeDVDBoot to launch uLE.

How to execute it:

  1. Go to the PS2 Browser, then open your 1st memory card and you will see an invisible icon.
  2. Press O to go back (or X if your console is Asian)
  3. You will see that the memory card icons are now transparent. Press O (or X) to go back again.
  4. If you want to run wLE, press and hold O when your screen turns black, else, do not press any key and Open PS2 Loader will launch instead.
  5. That's it!


  • OpenTuna in this actual version is just for use in Slim PS2 consoles and on SCPH-500XX with v1.90 BIOS.
  • This has not been tested, but assuming that OpenTuna's exploit is like the original Fortuna project, once it is installed on your Memory Card, it is advised to NOT use it on a FAT PS2 console or it could damage the savedatas inside your Memory Card. If you want to use that Memory Card on these kind of consoles, just delete OpenTuna and done.


  • OpenTuna: alexparrado
  • Inspired on Fortuna Project by krat0s
  • OpenTuna Installer: El_isra, Howling Wolf & Chelsea (HWNJ)
  • Logo: Howling Wolf & Chelsea (HWNJ)
  • 3D Icon: Cagatayssolak (with assistance from theANYFed)
  • Special Thanks: CTurt, TnA, uyjulian
  • Write-up proofread: Howling Wolf & Chelsea, MrMario2011, uyjulian, Versatile
  • Beta Testers: GMV, Haker120 (a youkai of love), LourdesAnn (Snow), Migue, Venão, Versatile, VizoR
  • Also, HWNJ will like to thank ibisjc and nokiajavi for their help all these years!

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.0.2


  •     Improved stability: black screen bug fixed.
  •     Exploit reached its minimum size (17.2 kB for icon.icn).
  •     Launchers source code was refactored, now they are loaded from 0x90000 and no extra ELF loader is needed.
  •     Refactored installer by KrahJohlito.

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