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PS3 HDD Utility 1.0.0

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PS3 HDD Utility by nullptr
MD5: C44F8EF94C109E88DA9209A6457900F9

V 1.00:
- Added built in UFS2 file explorer with the ability to extract files. (Read Only)
- Auto detect  HDD.
- Removed raw tools.

Beta Version:
- Dumping raw images from external disks.
- Image decryption is done in chunks to save memory.
- Extracting file block tool. Allows user to dump specified parts of a file.

- I'm not responsible in ANYWAY for what is done with this app.
- This tool is only for testing. It's not a one-app-solution to recovering data from PS3 HDD yet.
- Decryption for NAND will be added later.
- If you want to mount GameOS or do on-the-fly enc/dec, linux offers that in it's "device mapper". (I didn't test it and know
  nothing about it except its name)
- Connecting via eSATA is much faster. Speed is affected by other factors as well.
- If anyone knows/finds a way to mount GameOS in Windows, please put it in this thread.
- This app uses some modified parts of the PoC code released by naehrwert.

- Tested On:
WD Scorpio Blue 1TB
Windows 7 X64

Thanks to glevand, naehrwert, flatz, PS3devwiki & everyone who worked on it.

Quick Tut:
- Select your eid_root_key file.
- Connect HDD to PC, ignore any initialize/format offers from windows.
- Select the HDD index as it appears in "Disk Management" or HxD.
- If the key and device are correct, the partition table should appear.
- Click on "tools" to do whichever operation you want. 

- Dumping raw images requires access as "admin".
- To do an operation on a whole file, set its "size" field to 0.

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