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PS2-FPKG 0.6

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This app convert PS2 ISO/BIN games to fPKG which can be installed directly on PS4.

How to use:

  • Run ps2-fpkg.exe
  • Select the ISO of the PS2 game in "Disc1"
  • Click "Create fPKG" and choose a storage location
  • Install created fPKG on PS4 and play

Note: For CD games (.bin) click YES when asked about adding LIMG sector.


Optionally you can:

  • change the game icon (Icon)
  • change background graphic when starting the game (Bg)
  • create a multi-disc game (up to 5 iso)
  • add your own config txt
  • add your own config lua
  • select the emulator to be used by the game (by default there are 2 known to be most compatible, you can throw more here)

Program automatically adds configs (config-emu-ps4.txt), ps3 (gameid_lopnor.cfgbin), lua (gameid_config.lua) if they exist in application database.

Yes, this application comes with unique ready to go PS2 game configs that will be added automatically!

Known bugs:

  • Few games not follow SYSTEM.CNF standard layout, for this games app will fail to find ID (partially fixed, only CD games affected now)
  • If program has any problems with creating fPKG, you can try to run it as an administrator, it should help.
  • App will fail to create pkg if path to save pkg is root of drive, like C:\ E:\. Fix it by creating pkg to for example E:\pkg

How to add more emulators:

Put the folder with emulator files into the "emus" folder, restart ps2-fpkg, new emulators should show up on the list, that's all.

A short demonstration of the program operation can be seen here:


Files used:

  • TXT and LUA Configs
  • PS3 Configs
  • List of PS2 Game IDs

Used programs:


Thanks Kozarovv for help, and suggestions. @Zar for his ps3 configs database. Veritas83 (@VTSTech ) for PS2 GAMEID TITLE database.

by Jabugos.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.6


  • Command line window is now hidden, animated "Creating PKG" text on the status bar is now shown instead
  • The main window won't freeze anymore while creating a PKG (pkg creation process was moved to different thread)
  • PKG creation errors will now show up in a window
  • Added settings for uprender, upscale, and display mode in the new "Graphics Settings" tab"
  • Added a FastForward option, this allows you to set a custom combo to remove the framelimiter, and for example speed up loading screens or FMVs, or even gameplay sometimes.
  • FastForward option is available in 2 modes. Hold the combo to fastforward or press a combo to toggle it on/off.
  • Added a option to change the DS4 Lightbar color for normal gameplay and for fast forward mode.
  • Added game elf CRC reading to allow imported widescreen patches to be found by the app(via crc.exe)
  • Added auto widescreen patches (3700 patches fetched from pcsx2 repository)
  • "Try to fix graphics" is now enabled by default
  • Some GUI changes
  • More broken english

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