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Calibre 5.25.0

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Aplicación para Windows y macOS que nos permite pasar todo lo relacionado con nuestros eBooks, entre otras cosas pasar archivos .epub del ordenador a un lector de libros electrónicos como el Kindle, hacer copias de seguridad y gestionar toda nuestra biblioteca, entre otras cosas.


Como meter libros en Kindle utilizando Calibre

Añadir libros a un Kindle en formato .epub utilizando Calibre es un proceso rápido y sencillo. Una vez tengamos descargado el archivo .epub del libro en cuestión solo tenemos que conectar el Kindle al ordenador, sea por WiFi o USB, y seguir estos pasos:

  • Utilizar la opción "Añadir libro", situada en la parte superior izquierda, seleccionar el .epub y aceptar.
  • Una vez añadido el libro a Calibre, simplemente elegimos la opción "Enviar al dispositivo" -> "Enviar formato específico para" -> "Memoria Principal".
  • Aceptamos, esperamos que termine y listo, ya lo tendremos en nuestra biblioteca de Kindle listo para ser leído.

Que novedades incluye la versión 4.16.0   See changelog



  • New features
    • Add a workaround for Amazon destroying cover thumbnails on e-ink Kindles.
      • For books sent with this release of calibre, reconnecting the Kindle to calibre after the cover has been destroyed will restore it automatically
    • Viewer: Group search results by section
    • Viewer: When the search results panel is expanded, show more context
    • Tag browser: Add options in Preferences->Look & feel->Tag browser to hide empty categories and also to have the Find in the Tag browser show all matches instead of jumping from match to match.
    • Tag browser: The Find function for searching for items in the Tag browser can now do exact matching by using = as a prefix.
    • Manage tags/authors/etc dialogs: Allow searching and filtering the list of items.
    • Book details panel contenxt menu: Add an action to open the Book details window.
    • Viewer: Add Next and Previous buttons in the bookmarks panel.
    • Conversion: Change the default white-space CSS for <pre> tags to pre-wrap as this suits ebooks better
  • Bug fixes
    • Edit Book: Fix default CSS template not quoting the charset, causing Check book to complain about the CSS.
    • Fix a regression in the previous release that broke the losslessly compress images tool when the image filenames had upper case characters on Windows.
    • Fix a regression that broke drag and drop of images from browsers to the book details panel on some platforms.
    • FB2 metadata: Fix setting dates before 1900 failing
    • Fix Bookeen Diva HD not being detected.
  • New news sources
    • Independent Australia by Pat Stapelton
  • Improved news sources
    • How To Geek
    • Tagespost by Pat Stapleton
    • ABC News


  • New features
    • Viewer/Edit book fuzzy search: Ignore soft hyphens and zero-width joiner characters when searching for text.
    • Tag browser: Allow adding/removing tags/authors/etc. to the currently selected book by right clicking on that tag and choosing "Apply to selected books".
    • Kobo driver: Add support for updated firmware
    • Manage categories dialog: When editing a value with multiple values selected, change them all
    • Book list column header context menu: Add an entry to resize the column to fit its current contents.
    • Show completions when editing tags/authors/series etc in the Tag browser and Manage tags dialog.
    • Quickview: Double clicking an item now searches for it
    • Comments editor: Add an action to the context menu to smarten punctuation.
    • FB2 metadata: Add support for setting publisher and publish year
  • Bug fixes
    • Edit book: Fix compress images losslessly failing for a few images on windows when there are a lot of images in the book.
    • Fix a regression in 4.13 that broke the user category editor for all custom columns.
    • Viewer: Fix font size changes not applying to monospaced fonts.
  • Improved news sources
    • Ars Technica
    • Washington Post


  • New features
    • Viewer: Improve the interface for changing font sizes
    • Viewer: Add a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+b) for adding a bookmark
  • Bug fixes
    • Bulk metadata edit: Fix a regression causing scrollbars to not appear in Custom metadata tab.
    • Viewer: Fix a regression that broke searching in flow mode.
    • BibTeX Catalog: Dont output comment describing the catalog as Zotero fails to process it.
    • Linux: Fix uninstaller not working on Linux distros that have no python symlink.
    • Viewer: Fix zoom step size setting ignored.
    • Viewer: Fix text that has font sizes specified using keywords not being scaleable by the viewer's font size controls.
    • Viewer: Fix LRF files not opening
    • MOBI metadata: When reading author sort from MOBI files, construct the final value from all author fields
    • macOS: hide accelerator key underlines since they dont work anyway as Apple does not believe in them
    • macOS: Fix keyboard shortcuts for select all, copy and paste not working in file dialogs.
  • Improved news sources
    • The Nation
    • Animal Politico

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