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CG PES Explorer 0.7

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Explorer for Pro Evolution Soccer eFootball PES 2020, and compatible with all games and demos back to PES 2018.


  • Cri Packed FileMaker / CRI Middleware Co.Ltd
  • Opentk /opentk.dll and opentk.GLcontrol.dll
  • ICSharpcode / ICShaprCode.ShaprZipLib.dll
  • BE.Hexeditor /Be.Windows.Forms.HexBox.dll
  • I would also like to acknowledge @Hawke for his testing and input on what would be good to add to the explorer
  • and for his awesome splash screen.
  • @zlac / decrypter19.exe

by shawminator.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.6   See changelog


  • 1.Exporting from single cpks produce object reference error - Fixed
  • 2.Importing to stadium LUT files(rgb8 format) produced Object reference error - Fixed
  • 3.Updated code architexture to x64 to allow for better memeory management.
  • 4.String editing 100% complete
  • 5.Model Previews with OBJ Export
  • 6.Small profile manager to allow deleteion of old Profiles at startup
  • 7.FtexTool for batch converts to and from dds
  • 8.cpk extract
  • 9.live update - credit to @zlac
  • 10.New apk process to read larger DDS Textures in scoreboard mods.
  • 11.due to update to x64 new cpkwrapper written to work allong with existing Cri Packed FileMaker dlls.
  • 12.Updated sider manager
  • 13.added search function to search for files in VFS, usng $$ as wilcard to find partial matches

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