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GZDoom NX v4

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GZDoom is a modder-friendly OpenGL source port based on the DOOM engine.

Installation and running

  • Unzip the attached ZIP file to the switch folder on your SD card.
  • Place at least one supported IWAD (e.g. doom2.wad) into gzdoom/iwads/.
  • Run GZDoom Launcher from hbmenu.

Known bugs

  • When you exit the game via the Quit option in the menu, something doesn't deinitialize properly and the next homebrew you run will crash, unless you exit and reenter hbmenu.
  • Startup takes a while.



  • Launcher controls:
    • D-PAD: navigation
    • L/R: change tab
    • A: activate option
    • B: cancel/exit
    • X: reset option
    • PLUS: start game
  • You can technically place the game into any subfolder in sdmc:/switch/, as long as the gzdoom folder is next to gzdoom_launcher.nro.
  • Any custom files (PWADs, PK3s, DEHs, LMPs, whatever) should be placed into the gzdoom/pwads folder.
  • The launcher has predefined default profiles for most supported IWADs. You can also add your own profiles by pressing Y on the main tab. Any changes will be saved to gzdoom/launcher.ini.
  • The launcher will only detect files in gzdoom/iwads and gzdoom/pwads. You can use the Override RSP file option if you have to load files from other locations.
  • Multiplayer does work, however only Switch <=> PC multiplayer has been tested. You can start a netgame from the launcher. Don't forget to change the player number from 1 and read the warning message.
  • The IP that's placed in the address field by default is your Switch's local IP, others can use that to connect to it if they're on the same network.
  • Only the player that hosts the game needs to set gameplay settings, however everyone has to pick the same set of custom files as the host.
  • Fatal errors are logged into error.log. You can also turn on logging in the launcher.

Que novedades incluye la versión v4


  • merged latest upstream changes (4.2+);
  • that seems to have fixed the not-saving-joystick-settings bug.

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