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OmegaSphere 4.0.5

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OmegaSphere consists of grouping several software, HomeBrew and Convenient Emulators for the switch hack into a simplified interface.

Just click on the button of the HomeBrew or the software of your choice, then the folder of the one if opens.


Que novedades incluye la versión 4.0.5


  • Total overhaul of the OmegaSphere design.
  • Complete overhaul of the OmegaSphere coding in C #.
  • Added an automatic update system for OmegaSphere.
  • Homebrews are downloaded to your SD card directly from our web server.
  • The software is downloaded from our web server to open them.
  • Added a system of automatic updates for software.
  • Added the latest version of Goldleaf in v0.6.1.
  • Update of the Atmosphere payload (fusee-primary) in v0.9.3.

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