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Enso EX 4.5.1

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enso installer for PSP2 on fw 3.60 or 3.65.

This is a mod of Enso, all credits go to team molecule for this awesome tool.


  • pre-nskernel recovery from a GC-SD device.
  • easy low-level code exec for custom kernel patches.
  • support for firmwares 3.60 and 3.65.

Just run "create_vpk.sh", it will build everything and copy the package to the root directory.


  • Install enso
  • Install the VPK, run the "enso_ex" app and agree to the """ToS""".
    • If you get an error, reboot the device holding LTRIGGER and try again.
  • Select "Install/reinstall the hack", press CROSS, the installer will install enso_ex.
    • All non-critical errors can be skipped by pressing CROSS, it is safe to do so.


  • The "os0:patches.e2xd" file is a set of code blobs that are executed at low-level module load.
  • Custom patches can be skipped by holding VOLDOWN at boot.

Adding patches

  • Patches are position independent code blobs that are run each in their own memblocks.
  • Patches are located in the "ux0:eex/patches/" directory.
  • Data files for patches are located in the "ux0:eex/data/" directory.
  • You can "sync"/"compile" patches with the enso_ex app.

Default patches

  • clogo.e2xp: Use a raw RGBA 960x544 image as the bootlogo, it is located @"os0:bootlogo.raw".
    • In safe/update mode the PS logo is used.
    • You can change it by replacing the file in "ux0:eex/data" and syncing.
    • If the file is not found there will be no logo, useful for boot animations.
  • rconfig.e2xp: If VOLUP is held at boot, "ux0:eex/boot_config.txt" is used instead of the ur0: one.
    • It also works in safe/update mode.


  • The "os0:bootmgr.e2xp" file is a code blob that is executed just before psp2bootconfig load.
  • BootMgr can be skipped by holding VOLDOWN at boot.
  • To add/change it you need to add/change "ux0:eex/data/bootmgr.e2xp" and sync.


  • The "recovery" is a code blob loaded from a GC-SD device in GC slot.
  • Recovery can be loaded by holding SELECT at boot, the device must be connected to a power source.

Supported recovery types

  • RAW recovery (recommended)
    • Use the tool in /sdrecovery/ to flash your recovery blob to the SD card.
    • If the SD card contains the EMMC image you can set a flag to use its os0 for low-level modules.
    • You can force it to use the FILE recovery found in GC-SD's os0.
  • FILE recovery
    • Format your SD card to FAT16 and put your recovery blob in "SD:recovery.e2xp".
    • By default the device will NOT continue the boot process after this recovery method is used.
    • TODO: add a cleanup sample to continue boot.

Recovery errors

  • If the recovery returned 0, the console will continue the boot process.
    • If an error happened the user will need to confirm that he is aware of it by pressing the correct key:
    • "No recovery found" - press TRIANGLE.
    • "Error running GC-SD RAW recovery" - press CIRCLE.
    • "Error running GC-SD os0 recovery" - press SQUARE.
    • "Recovery did NOT return 0" - press CROSS.

"dual nand"

  • You can use the SD's os0 partition instead of EMMC's os0 partition by holding START at boot.
  • If an error happened the user will need to confirm that he is aware of it by pressing the correct key:
    • "Error reading GC-SD" - press TRIANGLE.
    • "Incorrect SD magic (not SCE magic)" - press CIRCLE.


  • Team molecule for henkaku, taihen, enso, and HenKaku wiki entries.
  • xerpi for his work on baremetal stuff.
  • CelesteBlue and PrincessOfSleeping for help with NSKBL RE.
  • Testers from the HenKaku discord server.

Que novedades incluye la versión 4.5.1


  • Fixed the file loader, it should now detect all sizes properly.
  • Added a check for os0:e2x_ckldr.skprx - it will no longer bootloop if the file is not present.
    • It could anyways be skipped with VOLDOWN.

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