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PS Classic Mini Ultimate 2.3

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Software simply allows you to have a graphical interface for the simplicity of setting up games on your USB media.


  • Download Bleemsync
  • Download Bleemsync + retroArch
  • Download Bleemsync + theme

Allows you to have lolhack and bleemsync preparation packages for your USB flash drive

#New user interface
#Auto creation of .cue
#Auto Edit FILE settings " " .cue

*Manual cover loading mode
#Converted".jpeg.jpg" to.png automatically

*Automatic cover download mode
#Database of 3D cover more than 1500 games (Thanks to khenzel)
#Download 3D covers 
#Download game.ini
#Auto loading of 3D covers
#Auto loading of the games.ini
#Index Folder supports 50 GAMES
#Generation of automatic games 

Game repository generate **software root /game/

Once your games generate copy the indexes 1,2,3 etc. in the folder /games/ of your SONY USB key


1 pathartl for BleemSync!
And its contributors CompCom, Maku, mtrivs

2 madmonkey created lolhack that makes it all possible
And by the way these people are active on stage -> DanTheMan827 and yifanlu

3 - Hyperspin for cfg Libraries - game.ini - covers 3D 

4 - Modconsoles Chronoss -> Participation in the creation of the database
5: Mason Barry rubixcube6 -> for the Playstation-Classic-Theme-Support
6 -Nuagedan100 French developer of Ps Classic Mini Ultimate

Que novedades incluye la versión 2.3



  • New distributor
  • Small fixes software


  • Multi-disk support ( 4 images/game)
  • Storage of paths in the game selector
  • Memory of the paths of your USB key
  • Auto scan of game folders
    • Ex: If in the Game folder / 5 game folders are detected the index folder will be automatically set to 6 etc etc. etc.
  • Overview of the index folder game

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