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HAN Toolbox 0.7.1

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New Features:

  • Self injector added
  • Cert remover added
  • Demo Downloader updated with demos from all regions
  • Theme Downloader added
  • Wallpaper Downloader added
  • Menus rearranged
  • Debug Settings Toggler added
  • DEX Xploit links added (Auto switching, see below)
  • New icons

External Content Downloaders

For the downloaders, There is an initial setup to be done, this involves going to Toolbox Settings and Downloading a resource pkg, its quite simple, download the pkg then reboot. If you don't want to use the content downloaders then you don't need to do this step.

@ShaolinAssassin Has done some amazing work adding the other regions demos to Demo Downloader, This is really excellent because it was not something I planned to get back to for a long time if ever tbh.

@pink1 Helped me rewrite the original XMBPD theme downloader from scratch and in a much better way, now all themes have icons which is something I wanted to do for a long time, theme type and size are displayed on the XMB too, and we also increased the available theme count to over 1001.

Wallpaper downloader: When downloading a wallpaper, when the image loads up in the browser, press triangle, go to File>Save Image>System Storage, then you can go to the photo category to set it as a wallpaper.

Note: If you browse thousands of items in one session you will get missing icons, a reboot solves it.

Debug Settings Toggler

Options to download CEX and DEX settings files to HDD, and then options to inject which ever files you have downloaded, if you don't already know how to use Debug Settings DO NOT use this item.

Auto Switching to DEX Xploit links

If you use the new Debug settings Xploit from Team PS3 Xploit, and you want to have your Xploit links in the Toolbox auto switch to DEX http links when on DEX XMB, then inject this category_game_tool2.xml = DOWNLOAD , if you don't understand what is meant by this, don't use this feature.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.7.1


  • Offline HAN Enabler & Debug PKG Enabler updated, allowing batch PKG installation - thanks to habib, Joonie & lmn7
  • Offline Flash Mounter added - thanks to lmn7
  • PS3Xploit Basic tools urls updated (auto now)
  • Coldboot/Font/Wave Downloaders reworked (2-steps process + Coldboot & Wave Downloaders use auto pages - thanks esc0rtd3w)
  • All Resources can be downloaded individually by type
  • DEX support enabled back
  • Misc other stuff

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