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HAN Enabler & Debug Package Enabler 1.0.0

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Solution for the error code 8002AE32 from the unusable option (Install All Packages). This option was only usable on QA-flagged consoles that required CFW which is no longer true!!. with HAN, we can use this on OFW (HFW) as well.

Supported FWs

  • 4.82 OFW (CEX) (HAN PKG Manager required)
  • 4.82 CFW (CEX/DEX)
  • 4.84 HFW (CEX) (HAN PKG Manager required)

FYI @lmn7 @ShaolinAssassin @DeViL303 @aldostools @Louay @pink1 @pinky @sandungas @GirlyGamer @MalevolentGimp

by esc0rtd3w.

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