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SX Installer 3.02

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SX Installer is an application for advanced title management, installation and launching.


  • - Ability to display games as a table or icons.
  • - Installation of NSPs from FTP, HTTP, NUT, SD, USB hard disk and NAND.
  • - Ability to ignore the firmware requirements during installation.
  • - Possibility of adding several security installations.
  • - Ability to search titles.
  • - Ability to list and delete tickets.
  • - Ability to export all keys installed on the system.
  • - Ability to overclock to install faster in certain situations.
  • - Translation of the user interface in 12 languages.
  • - Translation title of metadata in 12 languages.
  • - Ability to download and view game graphics (Internet connection required).
  • - Ability to list, view and delete application records (allows you to uninstall a DLC or an update)
  • - Ability to list installed titles and start them (launch is possible only on 5.x and lower)
  • - Ability to list XCI and launch them automatically (launch is possible only 5.x and lower)
  • - Ability to list and install new games available, with the ability to install all new games
  • - Ability to automatically install the latest patch and all DLC with a game.
  • - Ability to protect users from accidentally executing unsigned code by blocking the installation of all unsigned codes unless explicitly enabled.
  • - Ability to list and install the latest updates available for your games, with the ability to install any updates
  • - Ability to list and install the latest downloadable content available for your games, with the ability to install all downloadable content.
  • - Ability to list all incomplete installations (such as when the SD is corrupted or to exchange SD cards without copying data), with the possibility of reinstalling them all.
  • - Ability to list and start NES, SNES, N64, GB, GBA, SMS, SG, SCD, GG and SG1000 RetroArch games.
  • - List and launch Homebrew applications
  • - File Browser that allows you to browse file systems, delete files (SD only) and copy files (only SD writing is writable)



Que novedades incluye la versión 3.02



  • Fixed an issue with creating dropbox directories.
  • Fixed the problem of not being able to exit with the b button when using title overwriting instead of transfer.
  • Fixed an occasional crash when installing games with corrupted metadata.
  • Added support for firmware version 9.1.0.
  • General font and translation improvements.
  • Added option to preload icons.
  • Addition of a help section.
  • Addition of the "Recommended" section.
  • Addition of Parental mode to make the application safe for young children.
  • Modification of the game backup format to store game backups in zip files (much faster synchronization with gdrive).
  • Deactivation of standby when saving all game saves.
  • Added the possibility to define comments on game saves.
  • Improved loading of the retro-archive.
  • Rom icons are now loaded automatically.


  • Fixed USB HDD support.
  • Correction of dumping on the title key.
  • Improved rendering performance.
  • Added support for SMB / Windows file sharing.
  • Added the ability to rearrange locations.
  • Added support for installation "blocked" NSZ.
  • Automatically reset the required version during installation / uninstallation.
  • Entry is now accepted by all controllers, not just the first player.
  • Added a close screen so that you can safely exit the application in title mode.
  • Blocking the installation of DLC and updates that are without any bypass.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed users to install encrypted titles 9.0 on lower firmware.
  • Integration of auto-install-forwarder and applet mode blocked due to memory constraints.
  • Disabling the "standard crypto" option to prevent users from leaving this option enabled.


  • faster start time
  • reduced use of memory
  • Responsible Cheat
  • Firmware support v9.0.0 / v9.0.1
  • Installation of NSZ (Compressed NSP)
  • Uninstall option
  • Cancel downloads
  • Disable background music
  • Support for Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Hex editor
  • Copy XCI / NSP to SD card (also splits automatically)
  • Corrections

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