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SX Server 1.2.1

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Windows only. SX Server allows network and USB installs for SX Installer, by serving NSP's found on your PC to the switch via SX Installer.

# USB Driver Install

  • Download Zadig.
  • With your switch plugged in and SX Installer running, choose "List All Devices" under the options menu in Zadig, and select libnx USB comms.
  • Choose libusbK from the driver list and click the "Replace Driver" button.

# Network server

  • Please ensure your windows firewall, or any other firewall is disabled, or SX Installer may not be able to connect.

# Usage

  • run sxserver.exe.
  • After you run the server, ensure NSP's are visible in the list. If they are not, change the path and click the "scan" button.
  • Start SX Installer on the switch, and either connect the USB cable from the switch to your PC, or set up a nut server location using the ip, port, username, and password displayed in SX Server.
  • The games will show up in SX Installer(in the "new games" section, etc) to install, the PC client is just a dumb server. Default username and password is guest/guest for network install.

by Team Xecuter.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.2.1



  • Small modification to allow full write access to the gDrive API.


  • Added support for XCI, XCZ and NSZ
  • Added gdrive support to SX Server and SX Installer

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