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PS4PKGViewer 1.5

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A Small Tool to View PS4 Package Info.



Initial release.


  • Improved speed when processing package.
  • Added support to export unencrypted contents.


Added new options to:

  • View package contents.
  • Search package contents.
  • Check for package updates.
  • Check the integrity of package.
  • Export all unencrypted contents.
  • Extract folders and files from package.
  • Split already merged official package.
  • User interface is now resizeable.
  • Updated read-me file.


  • Added new option to use single structure when listing or extracting package contents.
  • Added support to change file name when extracting single file from the list.
  • Updated package properties.
  • Show error when file is being used by another process.


  • Added new option to manually check for package updates using the given title-id.
  • Added ability to display package regions.
  • Added ability to detect fake dlc unlocker.
  • Fixed splitting package to multiple parts.
  • Fixed an issue with single structure mode.


  • Updated package info detector.
  • Updated package updates form and error handling.


  • For official package, you need a passcode to be able to view, list or extract it's contents.
  • If you want to display package contents then enable 'List Contents' option under Extra menu but for official package you need to enable both 'List Contents' and 'Ask for Passcode' options.
  • If you want to save package title updates in json format then enable 'Save Updates' option.
  • If you have a passcode for official package then press on the 'save' button in the passcode window to save it to a binary file, so the application can load it automatically when opening the package without asking for it.


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