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AppToUSB v4

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Payload desarrollado por Stooged que al inyectarlo en PS4 nos permite copiar nuestras copias de seguridad a un disco duro externo y cargarlos desde ahí.

Que novedades incluye la versión v4   See changelog


To skip copying pkg files to this hdd uncomment the line below.

be aware when using this if your usb mount points switch it will break the links and the games will not load until you plug the drives back in the correct order.
When using skip drive and mulitple drives at the same time you need to specify the intended mount point of the usb hdd.
your first drive should be 0 and second drive should be 1 ending at a maximum of 7.
this will prevent the payload writing usb0 links to the usb1 drive if the mount points switch on the console.

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