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PSARC Extractor 1.0.0

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Extracts .PSARC files.

Requires .Net Framework v4.0.30319

Usage: PSARC [flag] <fileName>

-l        Creates a text file that lists the File ID, Size, and Name of every file in the archive.
-e START END    Extracts files with the File ID specified by the range between START and END (inclusive). 
<blank>        Extracts all files.


1. Extract all files from data.psarc :        PSARC data.psarc

2. Create list of files from data.psarc :         PSARC -l data.psarc

3. Extract file    with File ID 5 :        PSARC -e 5 5 data.psarc

4. Extract files with File ID 7 through 12 :     PSARC -e 7 12 data.psarc     

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