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LV2 Patcher v9

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Lv2 Patcher is used to temporarily patch the PS3 Lv2 memory.

It's used to allows access to PS3 Syscall and BD-emu functions like the dongles payload, bdemu.bin and cfw, or to patch specific memory like Blu-ray movie region.


  • Bump to V9: panic, lv1en/lv1dis, lv1_allocs for payloads.


  • * Support of Syscall 36
  • * Support Waninkoko V2 CFW


  • * New ICON0.PNG


  • * Add 50 Pixel Margin
  • * Add Credits File
  • * Fix +0◊8000000000000000 offset, handle bad reads, show current patch.txt path
  • * More build system stuff
  • * Changed u64 to void* for lv2_alloc
  • * New Makefile stuff
  • * Fixed some crashes by disabling some patches
  • * Prepare to share some code with GaiaManager
  • * Reindent the code using new Makefile (make indent)
  • * Change patch format
  • * Add indentation rules
  • * Font pixel doubling
  • * Initial Release

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