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GodMode9 1.7.1

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A full access file browser for the 3DS console :godmode:

GodMode9 is a full access file browser for the Nintendo 3DS console, giving you access to your SD card, to the FAT partitions inside your SysNAND and EmuNAND and to basically anything else. Among other functionality (see below), you can copy, delete, rename files and create folders.


This is powerful stuff, it provides you with the means to do basically any thinkable modification to any system data available on the 3DS console. However, precautions are taken so you don't accidentally damage the data of your console. The write permissions system protects you by providing warnings and forces you to enter an unlock sequence for enabling write permissions. It is not possible to overwrite or modify any important stuff without such unlock sequences and it is not possible to accidentally unlock something.

As always, be smart, keep backups, just to be safe.

Quick start guide

These short instructions apply to all users who have boot9strap and Luma3DS installed (Luma3DS set up with standard paths), which will be the majority of all GodMode9 users. Here's how to set it up quickly:

  • Rename GodMode9.firm (from the release archive) to X_GodMode9.firm (change X to the button of your choice) and put it into sd:/luma/payloads/
  • Copy the gm9 folder from the release archive to your SD card. Then, get good versions of seeddb.bin and encTitleKeys.bin from somewhere (don't ask me!) and put these two files into sd:/gm9/support (optional but recommended for full functionality).
  • It is also recommended you setup the RTC clock if you're running GodMode9 for the first time. Find the option via HOME button -> More.... Also keep in mind that you should fix your system OS clock afterwards.
  • Helpful hint #1: Go here for step by steps on doing some common tasks in GodMode9. Especially users coming from Decrypt9WIP or Hourglass9 may find this to be helpful.
  • Helpful hint #2: Never unlock the red write permission level unless you know exactly what you're doing. You will notice that prompt when it comes up, it features a completely red screen. It is recommended you stay on the yellow permission level or below at all times to be completely safe. Also read more on the write permissions system below.

You may now run GodMode9 via holding the X Button (or any other button you chose) at startup. See below for a list of stuff you can do with it.

Buttons in GodMode9

GodMode9 is designed to be intuitive, buttons leading to the results you'd expect. However, some stuff may not be obvious at first glance. So, here's a quick, incomplete rundown of what each button / button combo does.

  • <A> button: The <A> button is the 'confirm' / 'choose' button. It confirms prompts and selects entries in menus. In the main file view, it pulls up a submenu for files and opens directories (use <R+A> on directories for a submenu, also including the invaluable title search). In the hexviewer, <A> switches into edit mode.
  • <B> button: The <B> button is the 'cancel' / 'return' button. Use it to leave menus without action, hold it on file operations to cancel said file operations.
  • <X> button: In the main file view, the <X> button deletes (marked) files. With <R+X> files are renamed.
  • <Y> button: In the main file view, the <Y> button copies and pastes files. With <R+Y> you can create folders and dummy files.
  • <L> button: The <L> button is the 'mark' button. Use it with <LEFT> / <RIGHT> to mark / unmark all files in a folder, hold it and use <UP> / <DOWN> to select multiple files.
  • <R> button: The <R> button is the 'switch' button. It switches buttons to their secondary function. Notable exceptions are <R+L> for a screenshot (works almost anywhere), <R+LEFT> / <R+RIGHT> to switch panes and <R+DOWN> to reload the file listing.
  • <START> button: Use the <START> button to reboot from GodMode9. Use <R+START> to poweroff your 3DS.
  • <SELECT> button: The <SELECT> button clears or restores the clipboard (depending on if it's empty or not).
  • <HOME> button: The <HOME> button enters the HOME menu, including the scripts / payloads submenus, options for formatting the SD, setting the RTC, and more.
  • <R+UP> combo: This little known keycombo, when held at startup, pauses the GodMode9 boot so that you can stare at the splash screen for a little longer.
  • <R+LEFT> combo: If you have installed GodMode9 as your bootloader, this keycombo enters the bootmenu. Hold on startup! If you built GodMode9 as SALTMODE and have it as a bootloader, the keycombo is simply the <START> button.

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