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Otherapp 1.3.0

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Otherapp payload compatible with system versions 1.0 to 11.14 (all regions, all models) that leverages full exploit chains to ultimately execute a payload from the SD card.


This depends on the exploit. The recommended exploit for system versions 1.0 to 11.3 is soundhax, in which case you just have to put otherapp.bin onto the root of your SD card.

Technical details

We leverage a kernel exploit to alter L1 translation tables entries that were never previously accessed, then run kernelhaxcode_3ds which does the rest of the job.

  • Below system version 9.3: we use memchunkhax1
  • 9.3 and above: we exploit sm then leverage this to exploit spi. SPI sysmodule has access to GPUPROT, subsequently allowing us to GPU DMA over the kernel memory
    • Full writeup coming around Christmas
    • spi vulnerability has been documented on 3dbrew for years
    • sm vulnerability is an unreported 0day, however I have fixed the bug in Luma3DS's reimpl back in 2017. I believe this is fine to release it now, as the 3DS is EoL and people can use seedminer on latest system version anyway
    • safehax or agbhax used depending on version

Testing with Luma3DS

Need to disable firmlaunch patches & build without custom sm sysmodule if using Luma3DS.


  • @zoogie: testing and debugging on exotic firmware versions
  • @fincs: exploitation ideas, etc.
  • @aliaspider: memchunkhax code

by TuxSH.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.3.0


  • New LCD fill colors for troubleshooting: gray before memchunkhax, white before smpwn, gray-blue after smpwn
  • Add a new exploit path for people with corrupted 3DS systems (mismatching kernel and system title versions). This is disabled by default, however, and needs a rebuild; refer to this line
  • Stop writing to lgy.log
  • Other minor changes

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