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PS4 Keyboard and Mouse Adapter 2.1

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Allows you to play any game on your PlayStation 4 with a keyboard and mouse, no controller required, and it's free.

How to use:

  1. Do NOT plug your DS4 controller into your PC while using this tool. If it is plugged already, unplug it because it will interfere with the device emulation.
  2. Make sure you've enabled remote play from your PS4's settings menu. To do that:
  3. Go to your PS4, select (Settings) -> [Remote Play Connection Settings], and then select the checkbox for [Enable Remote Play].
  4. To activate it as your primary PS4, select (Settings) -> [Account Management] -> [Activate as Your Primary PS4] -> [Activate].
  5. Download and run the setup from the download link above. It will automatically do all the configuration stuff for you
  6. If you want 0 lag, connect your PS4 to your TV/Monitor and watch the game from there (thus NOT from the Remote Play app)





To-do list

  • Explicit error message box for when mappings.json is missing or invalid 
  • Currently it (kinda) silently fails unless you open it via a command line.
  • Detect when the user does have a DS4 controller plugged in ... and ask user to unplug it
  • some game need to detect you shaking the controller, need to figure out how to handle/emulate that
  • touchpad needs more work 😞
  • make DS4 emulation optional
  • support for analog input like from a controller stick, controller trigger, or Steering wheel
  • supporting ps5
  • support linux/mac
  • support chaikis


  • PS4Macro - Big thanks to komefai for making and open-sourcing this tool. Komefai is MIA for 2 years and his repo is not supported anymore but you can still write pretty good bots with it, definitely check it out if you are into that kind of stuff
  • EasyHook - The best tool for Windows API hooking. Works flawlessly - from the assembly injection, to the hook trampoline code. I haven't had a single problem with it I had one but that doesn't make EasyHook any less cool
  • Jays2Kings/DS4Windows - don't need to explain that one
  • soulehshaikh9 for pfx certificate generator

by starshinata.

Que novedades incluye la versión 2.1


  • Updated paths for the newest version of Sony's Remote Play app

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