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NTRBoot 2.0 Beta

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The drag-and-drop method of setting up ntrboot for PC-less b9s installation.

I designed this pack in order to easily carry only a few things and still be ready to exploit any console as quickly as possible
This pack includes everything you need to get someone started with CFW and homebrew, all within 30mb, meaning it should easily fit on any modern SD card.

To get started, you'll need to use the version of boot9strap_ntr that loads ntrboot.firm instead of the standard boot.firm. This version is included in the pack as well within the ntrboot folder.

If you keep these four items on you, you will be able to hack any 3ds without using a PC:

  • Flashcard with microSD:
    • You'll obviously need a compatible flashcard in order to use ntrboot. The microSD within the flashcard will act as the source SD
  • Magnet:
    • Self explanatory. The magnet you will use to activate ntrboot.
  • microSD to SD adapter:
    • Allows you to use your flashcard microSD in systems that require a standard SD
  • Screwdriver bit:
    • A small screwdriver bit used to unscrew systems that have the SD covered by the back plate


  • If you don't already have the specialty version of boot9strap_ntr (within the ntrboot folder) flashed to your flashcard, use the provided boot9strap_ntr.firm with ntrboot_flasher
  • Copy the contents within the SD folder to the root of your flashcard microSD. Remember, the CONTENTS of the SD folder, not the folder itself.


  1. Turn off the target systems
  2. Remove the target system's SD card and replace with source SD (the SD card from your flashcard)
  3. Insert flashcard into target system, place the magnet and boot ntrboot (X+Start+Select+Power). The target system should boot into safeb9sinstaller
  4. follow any prompts to complete the install process (should take less than a minute)
  5. Once the SigHaxed FIRM installs, press A to continue. The console should reboot into godmode9
  6. Once godmode9 boots, press home, go to "More...", then "Scripts...". Select copy_ntrboot, and accept any prompts that pop up.
  7. Once the script completes, press R+B, then remove the source SD and replace with target SD
  8. Select "[9:] RAMDRIVE" to open it.
  9. Scroll to "paste_ntrboot.gm9", select it, then select "Execute GM9 script". Accept any prompts the show up
  10. Once the script completes, press the start to reboot the system.
  11. The console should boot into Luma3DS configuation. Check these options then press start:
    • -"Show NAND or user string in System Settings"
    • -"Patch ARM9 access" - required for 3dsx versions of homebrew like FBI
  12. Once you system boots to home menu, open download play.
  13. Push L+Down+Select to open Rosalina. Go to "Miscellaneous options...", then select "Switch the hb. title to current app."
  14. Once that completes, push b and select "Save settings", then press b twice to exit rosalina menu.
  15. Press home, close download play, then re-open it.
  16. You should now be met with a blue screen with "DSP1 - zoogie" at the time. Let it run until it completes. Instead of pushing Start or B when prompted, press home, close the app then power off the 3ds.
  17. Hold start and power on the 3ds to boot into godmode9
  18. Once godmode9 boots, press home, select "More...", then select "Scripts..."
  19. Select finalize and follow any prompts or instructions it gives, accepting them all
  20. When asked to relock, accept
  21. If you wish to make a nand backup (some users may not have enough space to do so), go back to the "Scripts..." once more and run "Backup SysNAND"
  22. Press start to reboot the 3ds.

The process can very easliy be memorized and completed in under 5 minutes.
All homebrew will run as a 3dsx from HBL (which is set to download play). No CIA installations to worry about! Future CIA installs still possible with FBI.3dsx

Included homebrew:

  • freeShop
  • BootNTRSelector
  • FBI
  • JKSM
  • Luma Updater
  • FTPD
  • Themely

I also decided to remove a lot of the homebrew from the homebrew starter kit as most of it is pretty much deprecated and are replaced by luma functionality.

Also includes a few custom themes by default


  • @Ryccardo for the version of boot9strap_ntr that loads ntrboot.firm instead of boot.firm
  • @squall14716 for giving me the original idea
  • Creators of all homebrew used. They've made some seriously great stuff!
  • And of course anyone that helped bring us ntrboot. Without that this would not even be possible!

by TheCyberQuake.

Que novedades incluye la versión 2.0 Beta


  • Everything now done in one single run
  • dspfirm.cdc dumping greatly improved (and new when compared to current release)
  • Delete /3ds/dspfirm.cdc, and use one of the cfw uninstall scripts from https://3ds.guide/uninstall-cfw to ensure a clean test (may not be necessary for all testers).
  • The ntrboot file is now boot.firm instead of the previous ntrboot.firm, so if you are using the old version that boots ntrboot.firm you can simply rename SD/boot.firm to ntrboot.firm

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