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HexFlow Launcher 0.5

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A 3d coverflow like launcher for PS Vita.

Display and launch your games and homebrews in style.
HexFlow Launcher features a 3d user interface to display your games with their box art and supports many customization options like custom covers and backgrounds.

Launching a game/app from HexFlow Launcher will close the launcher automaticaly without asking.

Custom Covers

Place your custom covers in "ux0:/data/HexFlow/COVERS/PSVITA/"

Cover images must be in png format and file name must match the App ID or the App Name of each app (recomended resolution 256x256px). 

Download Covers and Backgrounds

From v0.3 covers can be downloaded automatically from the settings menu (Start button). 

Custom Background

Place your Background.png or Background.jpg image in "ux0:/data/HexFlow/" (recomended resolution 1280x720px or less).

Custom Music

Place your Music.mp3 file in "ux0:data/HexFlow/" (music will play automaticaly when the "Sounds" option is enabled)


If you want to auto-launch HexFlow Launcher every time your PS Vita boots up you can use the AutoBoot plugin by Rinnegatamante.




Navigate your library using the DPad or the Left Stick or with the Touch Screen.

  • R/L triggers: Skip 5 items
  • Cross: Select/Launch game/app
  • Square: Change Category
  • Triangle: Game Details
  • Circle: Change View/Cancel
  • Start: Settings menu


For PSP or PS1 bubbles generated by Adrenaline Bubbles Manager you must set the value of BubbleID to TitleID in the settings menu of ABM tool.

For PSX2PSP, game folder name must match with the GameID. For example "ux0:pspemu/PSP/GAME/SLES01234".

Subfolders and psp categories plugin are not supported.


  • Programming/UI: Sakis RG
  • Developed with Lua Player Plus by Rinnegatamante

Special Thanks

  • Creckeryop
  • andiweli (HEXFlow Covers database)


  • French - @chronoss
  • German - @stuermerandreas
  • Spanish - @kodyna91
  • Italian - @TheheroGAC
  • Russian - @_novff
  • Swedish - @Spoxnus86

by VitaHEX-Games.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.5


  • Added option to manually change the category for each game (Preview menu)
  • Added option to hide the Homebrews category (Settings menu)
  • Added 1 new View option (3D Scroll Around)
  • Added 1 new translation (Swedish)
  • View mode is now saved when closing the launcher
  • Changed splash screen
  • Other bug fixes and improvements

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