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reVita 1.0.7

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reVita is a plugin for PS Vita / PS TV, which allows you to remap inputs and trigger different actions. It is a continuation of Rinnegatamante's remaPSV, which was fully rewritten as a kernel plugin.


Firmware compatibility

  • 3.60
  • 3.65

Compatibility with plugins

Want to use DS3 / DS4 ? Check this page here for more details.

  • MiniVitaTV - full compatibility.
  • ds34vita - full compatibility. Should be installed after reVita in tai config.
  • ds4touch - full compatibility. Should be installed after reVita in tai config.
  • ds3vita and ds4vita - partial compatibility, use ds34vita instead to get full support.
  • DSMotion - not compatible, use DS34Motion instead to get full support.

Compatibility with Apps

  • Adrenaline - to get UI working, you need to change Adrenaline Settings -> Graphics Filtering to anything else except original.
  • In some of hombrews and PSP/PS1 games GUI won't work - use Shared profile method for them. [How To].


  • Copy ioplus.skprx to ur0:/tai folder, add ioplus.skprx into your ur0:/config.txt config file under KERNEL section.
  • Copy reVita.skprx to ur0:/tai folder, add reVita.skprx into your ur0:/config.txt config file under KERNEL section. Should be installed before ds34vita/ds4touch in tai config.
  • [Optional, to get Gyro support] Copy reVitaMotion.suprx to ur0:/tai folder, add reVitaMotion.suprx into your ur0:/config.txt config file under MAIN section.


  • To bring the config menu, press START + SQUARE, customisable under Settings -> Hotkeys.



  • How to open plugin menu ?
    • Press (start) + (square)
  • What can you do with gyro ?
    • You can remap gyro direction (up, down, left, right) to right stick directions to enable gyro aim in any game.
  • Is there a way to turn it on and off?
    • START + TRIANGLE, customisable under Settings -> Hotkeys
  • Does it save presets on a game by game basis?
    • Yes, you can use Profile -> Profile Management for more options.
  • What is deadband under gyro menu ?
    • Deadband limits gyroscope sensitivity, so smallest movements are ignored to handle shaking hands, and it is enabled by default in most vita games. Disabling it will higly increase sensitivity of gyroscope.
  • I forgot my custom hotkeys to open menu. How do I find it?
    • Open VitaShell and open the file ux0:data/reVita/HOTKEYS.ini. "Open menu=" has your hotkeys to open the plugin menu.
  • I've set the startup delay too low on a game and now it crashes when launching it. What do I do?
    • Hold (Start) when launching the game. It starts the plugin in safe mode, with a blank profile. Then load your profile, change the startup delay and save profile in profile manager.

Fixes for some Apps

  • MiniVitaTV
    • Adrenaline
      • Fix Adrenaline crash when pressing the DS4 TouchPad button - Remap DS4 TouchPad to anything.
      • Fix Vita inputs on PSX games - Enable "Vita as virtual DS4".
    • Retroarch
      • Fix Vita inputs on latest versions of Retroarch- Enable "Vita as virtual DS4".

Known issues

  • Menu not opening in Adrenaline
    • Change Adrenaline Settings -> Graphics Filtering to anything else except original.
  • Menu not opening
    • Minimise app
    • Setup config you need while on LiveArea
    • Save it as Shared profile (Profile > Profile management > Save as Shared)
    • Go back to the game
    • Press START+CROSS(configurable under Settings > Hotkeys) to import Shared profile.
  • "Buy more RAM" error popup on menu open - means there is not enough RAM for plugin to initialise it's menu. Seems to be caused by usage of other heavy plugins, especially ucdc and PSVShell.


Thanks to evryone who helped me along the way :

  • bosshunter, for doing most of the testing and supplying me with ideas.
  • Rinnegatamante, remaPSV author, for various help provided.
  • spectreseven1138, for secondary profile implementation
  • S1ngyy, for providing code for analogs/gyro support
  • pablojrl123, for customizable buttons activation code.
  • Bythos, for help with reversing, fixing libk and other general stuff.
  • ellipticaldoor for testing.
  • teakhanirons for various help and advices.
  • Princess-of-Sleeping for help with reversing.
  • Derpy (Cassie) for testing.
  • W0lfwang for testing.
  • TheIronUniverse for testing.
  • mantixero for testing it in PS4link.
  • MightySashiman for testing.
  • Kiiro Yakumo for testing it in PS4Link.
  • Nino1026 for testing.
  • Vita Nuova communinity for all the help and support I got there.
  • HENkaku communinity for various help.

Projects, which code was reused:

  • remaPSV - original plugin.
  • PSVshell - process management and UI.
  • VitaShell - FIO.
  • DSMotion - cross-plugin communication.
  • BetterTrackPlug - Adrenaline integration.
  • Original credits from remaPSV by Rinnegatamante
  • Dmaskell92 for testing the plugin.

All my Patroners for their awesome support:

  • nobodywasishere
  • RaveHeart
  • Tain Sueiras
  • 2Mourty
  • Andyways
  • ArkaniteOnVita
  • Artūrs Lubāns
  • BOBdotEXE
  • ckPRO
  • Count Duckula
  • Daniel
  • Eduardo Minguez
  • Elwood Blues
  • Gelson Silva
  • Igor Kovacs Biscaia
  • Jared Breland
  • Lars Zondervan
  • Mored1984
  • gnmmarechal
  • Oleg Des
  • Pirloui
  • rsn8887
  • Samuel Batista
  • styroteqe
  • suLac4ever
  • T33Hud
  • Troy Murray
  • Yakara Network
  • PSX-Place.com

by MERLev.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.0.7


  • Limit buffers to 1 (hack)

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