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Vita Launcher 2.6

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This is a app/game launcher application.

The main purpose of this app is for users who have hundreds of games on their vita.

The psvita has limitation of 500 bubbles only. I couldn't find an app that served me well to manage my library of games so I decided to create my own.

Use in conjuction with the CopyIcons app to get icons not created by psvita.



  • Games are groups into multiple categories (vita/psp/homebrew/favorites) including retro consoles like nes,snes,gb,gbc,gba,n64 etc..
  • Can launch all vita games, Adernaline bubbles and (retro games without bubbles).
  • Has parental control for hiding certain settings.
  • Customize categories via configuration file.
  • Favorites. With hundreds of games, it's takes a quite a while to browse all the pages to find your favorite game. Therefore I've implemented a feature to add a game to you favorites for easy access.
  • Game images loaded on demand. With hundreds of games, we can't possibly load all the game images into memory. So images are loaded on demand only and a few pages of images are cached.
  • Last but not least, you can access you full library of games/apps. Just an FYI, I could load 1600 games/apps on my vita-tv.


  • up/down/left/right - for browsing your games
  • left analog stick - for browsing your games
  • square - add the selected game to favorites
  • circle - un-select or back.
  • triangle - display settings to switch between Grid/List view.
  • cross - start the selected game/app
  • L-trigger - previous page
  • R-trigger - next page

by cy33hc.

Que novedades incluye la versión 2.6


  • Add ability to create folders in categories
    • option to rename folder
    • option to config a custom icon for each folder
    • while creating folders, you have the option to create the folders in multiple categories
    • option to delete folder. When a folder is deleted, the games under the folder isn't deleted but instead moved back to the main folder.
  • Add multi-selection ability for moving games to folders or hide games.
    • Use the "SELECT" button to toggle "multi-select" mode.
    • Multi-Selection mode is automatically cancelled if you switch category or folder
  • removed the option to re-scan all games since it is a little dangerous. You can achieve the same by just deleting the "cache.db" file under the folder ux0:data/SMLA00001.
  • Made the "Actions" tab the first tab in the "Settings and Actions" dialog.

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