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Switch LAN Play 0.2.3

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Make you and your friends play games like in a LAN.

                  [SOCKS5 Proxy] (optional)
        ARP,IPv4        |          LAN Packets
Switch <-------->  PC(lan-play)  <-------------> Server


  • This project is in an early stage. The protocol may change frequently.
  • The proxy part is WIP.


To play with your friends, you and your friends should run lan-play client connecting to the same Server on your PC, and set static IP on your Switch.

Your PC and Switch must be connected to the same router.

1. Windows Client

  1. Download and install WinPcap.

  2. Download the latest lan-play.exe from here.

  3. Run lan-play.exe with paramter --relay-server-addr. For example:

lan-play.exe --relay-server-addr example.com:11451

After that, you may see the list like below:

1. \Device\NPF_{538AED4A-7BC9-47D9-A1DD-3F8E0AD2D2B0} (Microsoft Corporation)
        IP: []
2. \Device\NPF_{A885EB2A-D362-4846-8554-E6F59A044EB9} (Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (2) I219-V)
        IP: []
Enter the interface number (1-2):

Select the interface which is in the same LAN with your Switch.

2. Switch

  1. Make sure lan-play client is running.

  2. Go to your Switch settings page, set the IP address to static. The IP address can be any from to, excepting But don't use the same IP address with your friend.

    IP Address 10.13.?.?
    Subnet Mask
  3. Click save. Your Switch now can access the Internet via your PC.

  4. Launch your game, hold L+R+LStick to enter lan-play mode. Host or join a game, enjoy!


git clone https://github.com/spacemeowx2/switch-lan-play.git
cd switch-lan-play/server
npm install
npm run build
npm run server

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.2.3


  • feat:
    • don't output pmtu log
    • add optional interface specification
    • Use flag --netif to set the interface to open up. Specify with an int using the list from --list-if
    • support ipv6 now
  • fix:
    • always using socks5 proxy even no flag

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