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Vöid 5.0

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Vöid is a work-in-progress customized firmware for the Nintendo Switch, based on ScireM's Atmosphere.

This is in no way coded, or made by me, only very slight changes and is intended to be an all-in-one packages to make installing customer firmware painless.



I am not in any way responsible for anything that happens to your Switch, nor would I expect anything to happen. Use at your own discretion. When modifying anything on your Switch you are always at risk at possible damage, or an account ban from Nintendo. Use at your own risk.

How To Use

Download the ZIP, unzip the file to a folder of your choosing. Three folders are included in this pack, SD Card, Payloads and PC. Just drag and drop the contents of the SD Card folder onto the root of your SD Card. Insert it into your Switch and inject Hekate as you normally would. Launch either sysNAND or emuNAND as usual, and you're good to go!


  • Drag and drop, ready to use from the moment you inject your payload!
  • Sigpatches included by default, to allow you to play your legit backups!
  • Works on all Firmware versions, providing you can inject the payload.
  • Incognito enabled by default, using Atmosphere's new Incognito, which doesn't require a back up, or writing directly to NAND!
    • This is enabled for emuNAND only to enable people to go online on sysNAND without issue.
  • Ready to use homebrew apps, all up to date. Just open your album on the Switch, and have fun!
  • Up-To-Date Atmosphere, always!
  • PC Tools available in the Zip, to get you started!
  • Payloads available to use with a Payload launcher.
  • Lightweight! The total size is only:
    • SD Card: 89.4MB
    • PC Apps: 27.7MB
    • Payloads: 364KB
    • ZIP: 59.3MB

Homebrew Included

  • Awoo Installer By Hunterb - Title Installer
  • Homebrew Appstore By vgmoose - Homebrew Appstore
  • N-Xplorer By CompSciOrBust - File Manager
  • Cheats Updater By HamletDuFromage - A Switch Cheats Updater
  • FTPD By mtheall - FTP Server
  • Goldleaf By XorTroll - Game Title Manager
  • Edizon By WerWolv - Game Save Manager
  • NX-Ovlloader By WerWolv - Overlay Loader
  • Tesla Menu By WerWolv - Overlay Menu
  • ChoiDujourNX By rajkosto - Firmware Updater Without Burning Fuses
  • sys-con By cathery - Allows 3rd party controller suport
  • Gamecart Installer By ITotalJustice - Allows you to install your gamecarts to SD card.

Payloads Included

  • Hekate By CTCaer - Custom Firmware Launcher and emuNAND Creator.
  • Lockpick RCM By shchmue - Generates Encryption Keys
  • Tegra Explorer By suchmememanyskill - Payload Based File Explorer

PC Tools Included

  • Tegra RCM GUI By eliboa - PC RCM Payload Injector
  • Switch Backup Manager By gibaBR - Switch Game Backup Manager
  • NS-USBloader By developersu - Switch Game Installer for PC

Upcoming Features

  • Vöid Updater
  • Vöid Toolbox
  • Support Pegascape


What is Vöid?

Vöid is an all-in-one custom firmware for the Ninteno Switch based on Atmosphere, in the same kin as Kosmos, entirely focussing on ease of use for anyone that wants to set up custom firmware on their Nintento Switch without much effort.


Why "Vöid"?

Atmosphere is named from the layer of gasses around the world, and Kosmos is named after, well, the Cosmos. Both astronomical in nature, Vöid is named from the emptiness of space, and to "fill the void" of Kosmos.

You said Incognito isn't known to be safe, what else can I do to protect myself?

First of all, do not install pirated games and run them on your account and then connect to the internet. That is a sure way to get banned. If you do want to connect to the internet, and use applications such as Homebrew Appstore, then I'd highly recommend 90DNS

Why Awoo and Goldleaf? Isn't one enough?

Goldleaf is incredible for title management, but can be a bit broken at times at installing games. This is where Awoo comes in, as it works majority of the time.

Does HBG Shop work with this?

Unfortunately no, as this uses Hekate it will not run on Vöid. There are ways around this, but at this time I will not be enabling this.

Vöid is currently being maintained by Synecdoche.
I thank all the following people, in no order, for their amazing homebrew and contributions to the scene.

  • Michael for making the logo and banner of Vöid, something I myself wouldn't have done nearly as well.
  • WerWolv for their incredible homebrew, work on Kosmos and help when ever needed.
  • SciresM for the work on Atmosphere, and enabling this scene to blossom through all their hard work.
  • CTCaer for Hekate and Nyx, and the wonderful work they've done for the scene in general.
  • HamletduFromage for Cheat Updater, making using cheats so effortless.
  • XorTroll for Goldleaf, and making title management so painless on the Switch.
  • mtheall for FTPD and making moving files to your Switch over FTP so easy.
  • rajkosto for ChoiDujourNX, so we can update to the latest firmware so easily and protecting our Switch.
  • CompSciOrBust for N-Xplorer, making file management a breeze.
  • vgmoose for Homebrew Appstore and making the downloading and management of homebrew applications so easy.
  • Hunterb for making Awoo Installer, making the installation of games so effortless.
  • developersu for NS-USBloader, and making it incredibly easy to install games with a PC.
  • eliboa for Tegra RCM GUI, making launching your Switch via a PC a breeze.
  • shchmue for Lockpick, and making the task of getting keys, so much easier.
  • suchmememanyskill for Tegra Explorer, and making managing files via a payload so simple.
  • gibaBR for Switch Backup Manager, allowing the painful process of managing a Switch library, so much easier.
  • cathery for sys-con, allowing the the use of third party controllers.
  • ITotalJustice for Gamecart Installer, allowing us to back up our games.

by Synecdoche1.

Que novedades incluye la versión 5.0


Boiled down to two new editions because let's be real, no one wants an unpatched version.

Now there is a regular version and an HBG version, but what's the difference?


  • Boots using Fusee Secondary, making load times a lot faster.
    • This means that HBG Shop does NOT work with this version.
    • This boots much faster than the HBG version due to using fss0.
  • Names been changed to sysVOID and emuVOID, because why not?
  • Added payload launcher homebrew app from suchmememanyskill to allow you to launch into Hekate if needed. Thanks to MSco for the suggestion.
  • Up to date, Hekate sigpatches included.
  • Added Hekate and Fusee Primary to the payloads folder, for launching with Payload Launcher and if you want to chainload yourself using either version.


  • Launches how it did previously, by chainloading Fusee Primary.
    • Please note, this makes launching Atmosphere much slower.
  • Names been changed to sysVOID and emuVOID, because why not?
  • Up to date sigpatches included.
  • Added payload launcher homebrew app from suchmememanyskill to allow you to launch into Hekate if needed. Thanks to MSco for the suggestion.
  • Added Hekate and Fusee Primary to the payloads folder, for launching with Payload Launcher and if you want to chainload yourself using either version.

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