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So I have been trying to get OPL to run my PS1 games through POPStarter. It took me ages to extract the files and run the files through all the tools required to get it to a working VCD file.

So I created an application to do it for me. I called it PSXVCD.

  • You can add multiple files in almost any format (.zip, .7z, .rar, .ecm, .bin, .cue, .img, .iso, .mdf, .nrg).
  • All the tool does now is create a VCD file and/or CUE/BIN files. So you do not need to choose how you will be playing the game any more.
  • All unzipping and decompressing is done automatically.
  • This tool will also embed CDDA audio so it can be played by POPSTARTER (PROTO 08 onwards).
  • Once done all you need to do is transfer the files to your PS2 or USB (I use RadHostClient).
  • NOTE: All renaming of files should be done prior to loading into PSXVCD. PSXVCD will name the final files the same name as the file you stick into it (with different extensions of course)
  • NOTE: If you need to generate an conf_elm.cfg file use version 2.1
  • If you are using the latest version of OPL (OPL 136_DB or newer) use 2.2


Hope somebody finds it useful. It saved me lots of time.

by englishl1989.

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