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POPStarter r13 RIP06

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POPStarter Revision 13 Changelog, from "RIP 06" (this build) to "WIP 01" (oldest r13 build), including public betas and prototypes :

** 2017/10/20 (RIP 06) **
- Code cleanup

- USBD and USBHDFSD drivers reverted to builds from WIP 02
  Since the drivers from prototype 2 reduced performances in BOTH POPStarter and POPS.

- Bugfixed : POPStarter wasn't loading MODULE_#.IRX.
  Massive thanks to ShaolinAssassin for helping me to find what was broken.

- POPStarter now accepts PS2CD and PS2CDDA disc types.
  In other words, you can now perform the disc swap trick with a pressed PS2 CDROM, in uLE or Swap Magic for example.
  Your original disc (PS1/PS2) track 1 (data track) must have an equal or bigger TOC than the track 1 of your backup.

- Automated $COMPATIBILITY_0x05 for Resident Evil SLES-00200/SLES-00227/SLES-00228 as requested. 


** 2017/10/08 (Prototype 9) **
- Fixed a codecache memory leak, which filled up the memory with iterated calls to the exception handler


** 2017/10/03 (Prototype ? **
Can't remember everything I did to POPStarter this summer... Some of the changes :

- Bugfixed : PS1 codes of type D (aka joker commands) were not working correctly

- "Support" for old SCEoA license sectors was added

- GetID (emulated CDROM controller command 0x1A) now returns the proper SCEx, matching the BIOS region and the VCD region

- POPStarter can now parse the ELF name off a full HDD launch argument

- Workaround to POPS not handling CDDA tracks pregaps/pauses, specifically for Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider II and Ninja.
  One remaining messup on TR2 though : cutscenes (not FMVs) aren't synced with the audio, and the gap between audio/video gets worse as the cutscene is runnin, due to animation slowdowns.
  TR1 looked fine when I tried it. Ninja audio should start ~2 seconds too early or too late, because of non-existent pregaps.

- Did something for the PAL releases of Team Buddies but can't remember what.
  Perhaps that has something to do with the PAL patcher issue that was reported over at ElOtroLado...

- Proper LibCrypt key injection for NFS: Porsche 2000.
  Both the UK and the other release have the same volume descriptor, but different keys. POPStarter wrongly used the same key for the two versions, because of the VCD identifier design.
  I got that problem solved with a little trick. Now the race should stop resetting every 12 seconds (the actual LC protection), since the magic word is valid.

- Added $MUTE_CDDA to mute CDDA. And it's done automatically when you play a physical PS1 CDROM from the disc drive

- Added $MUTE_VAB to mute VAB/VAG/VB+VH based sounds/music on games. May be useful for these old games which output distorted SFX, wrong audio samples or stupid noises.

- Added $WIDESCREEN $ULTRA_WIDESCREEN and $EYEFINITY. Does not deal with stuff like HUDs, texts/fonts, menus, 2D backgrounds...


** 2017/07/03 (Prototype 7) **
- [yet another] cumulative POPS patches (always applied, regardless of the VCD you launch)
  El Patas reported that it helps with the game Paranoia Scape (Japan)

- All the compatibility modes were refactored
  After I've found a critical design fault in mode 0x05 (which caused a POPS crash after playing a long time).

- Secured all the POPStarter functions that are attached to POPS
  There I wanted to make sure not a single register gets destroyed after returning from a subroutine or a hooktable

- Tried to fix the Castlevania SOTN (retail versions) random crashes
  ...looks fixed now.

- Tried to fix the Rayman 2 (retail versions) crash
  FR/DE seems to work now.
  UK/IT/ES version crashes (at least after the level 2 opening animation, confirmed by Jolek).
  US version crashes. Can't remember where. Probably on level 2 like the UK release...

- Removed the Metal Gear Solid stuff which skipped some cutscenes.
  Thanks to one of the cumulative POPS patches, autoskipping the Metal Gear Rex featured cutscenes is no longer needed. The game plays them fine. No more crashes.

- Removed the PAL patcher block for Driver 2 PAL releases.
  Here too, the game seems to not crash since the cumulative patches. So $NOPAL isn't needed.

- Removed ExcepTrap.
  This thing was plain useless to the end user and was eating ram for nothing. Had bugs too. So, it's removed.

  Try this if your game lags badly or stalls randomly. Do not use it by default on all your games, because most games will stop working with it.
  Is auto-activated with the following games :
--- Colin McRae Rally 2.0 v1.0 (SLES-02605)
--- Colin McRae Rally 2.0 v1.1 (SLES-02605)
--- Colin McRae Rally 2.0 (SLUS-01222)
--- V-Rally: 97 Championship Edition v1.0 (SLES-00250)
--- V-Rally: 97 Championship Edition v1.1 (SLES-00250)
--- V-Rally: 97 Championship Edition v1.2 (SLES-00250)
--- V-Rally: Championship Edition (SLPS-01149 / SLPS-91099)
--- Need For Speed: V-Rally (SLUS-00590)

- Other changes that I don't remember...
  The recompiler hooktable and some debug functions were probably implemented in this build.


** 2017/06/24 (Prototype 6) **
- Cumulative POPS patches (always applied, regardless of the VCD you launch)
  From the later reports, it helped with the following games (boot/crash-wise) :
--- Mega Man Legends (USA)
--- Mega Man Legends 2 (USA)
--- Gunfighter - The Legend of Jesse James (Euro)
--- Crash Bandicoot (USA)
--- WarGames: Defcon 1 (USA ?)
--- Action Man: Mission Xtreme/Operation Extreme (Euro/USA)
--- Jurassic Park - Warpath (Euro)
--- Crisis Beat (Europe)
--- The Misadventures of Tron Bonne (Europe)
  User shmoo has reported that Mega Man Legends (USA) crashes if you don't skip a specific cutscene.
  From my quick tests, Action Man: Mission Xtreme/Operation Extreme (Euro/USA) and Jurassic Park - Warpath (Euro) had glitches.


** 2017/06/15 (Prototype 5) **
- Bugfixed : Could no longer run VCDs from POPS# partition/folder (since the PS1CD support implementation)

  That's tech stuff... $SET_TIMINGS is for setting timings (?? what timings ??), and saving them to the VMC at the same time you save your game progress.
  Controls from $SET_TIMINGS are :
  L1 on pad 1 == Sync0 += 1
  L2 on pad 1 == Sync0 -= 1
  R1 on pad 1 == Sync1 += 1
  R2 on pad 1 == Sync1 -= 1
  L1 on pad 2 == Clock += 1
  L2 on pad 2 == Clock -= 1
  R1 on pad 2 == Clock += 16
  R2 on pad 2 == Clock -= 16
  $LOAD_TIMINGS just loads (once, when POPS has booted) the Sync0/Sync1/Clock values that are saved in your VMC.
  Sample VMC and CHEATS.TXT, to try with the PAL version of Tekken 3 : http://aybabtu.chez.com/kHn/SOFTWARES/RateWithControllers/TEKKEN3_PAL.ZIP


** 2017/05/31 (Prototype 4) **
- Added a fix for Crash Bash.
  Cutscenes are still messed up. Characters animations are a bit choppy. US version suffers of major slowdowns.
  Best results with the PAL version.
  Special thanks to El Patas for the feedback and to Bluesfire for recording a video of the US version in action.


** 2017/05/30 (Prototype 3) **
- IRX Loader : reverted the padman_hsync related changes (proto 2)

  $LOAD_PADMAN is to load padman_hsync right after sio2man
  $KILL_PADMAN is to neutalise padman_hsync, may be useful if you want to load your own padman module using the IRX loader

- Added test-hacks (test mode, value 04h at ELF/KELF offset 42Fh) for the following games :
--- Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (SLUS-01026)
--- Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (SLES-02740)
--- Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX: Maximum Remix (SLES-03371)


** 2017/05/27 (Prototype 2) **
- PS2SDK update.
  [NB : later on, we've found that this PS2SDK update has degraded the USB mode perfs]

- IRX Loader : loads padman_hsync before ds3ps2/ds3usb/ds3bt.

- IRX Loader : in SMB mode, mc#:/POPSTARTER/smsutils.irx is loaded between MODULE_4.IRX and MODULE_5.IRX.

- The CDVD drive is checked if the VCD wasn't found, to launch a valid PS1 CDROM.
  There's no CDDA support for physical PS1 discs. It saves VMCs to the device according to the ELF prefix.

- Cheat Engine : New code type $T to peek/poke the PS1 scatch pad memory, based off the $S code (PS2 scratch pad memory code) syntax.

- Configuration Table : new "test mode" assigned to value 04h at ELF/KELF offset 42Fh.
  "Test mode" disables per-game fixes, automated compatibility modes, LibCrypt fixes, and enables integrated test-hacks.
   Test-hacks integrated to this build are for the following games :
--- Ridge Racer Revolution (SCES-00242)
--- Ridge Racer Revolution (SLUS-00214)
--- Ridge Racer Revolution v1.0 (SLPS-00150)
--- Ridge Racer Revolution v1.1 (SLPS-00150)
--- Rage Racer (SCES-00650)
--- Rage Racer (SLUS-00403)
--- Rage Racer v1.0 (SLPS-00600)
--- Rage Racer v1.1 (SLPS-00600)
--- Ridge Racer Hi-Spec Demo (SCES-01832)
--- Ridge Racer Bonus Turbo Mode Disc (SLUS-90049)
--- Ridge Racer High Spec Ver - Namco Catalogue '98 (SLPS-01801)
--- Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX: Maximum Remix (SLUS-01347)

- Added LibCrypt fixes for the following games :
--- Roger Lemerre: La Selection des Champions (SLES-02976)
--- This Is Football (SCES-01882)
--- World Championship Snooker (SLES-02196)
--- Spyro: Year Of The Dragon v1.1 (SCES-02835)
--- Spyro 2: Gateway To Glimmer (SCES-02104)
   Spyro games are still incompatible.

- Automated compatibility mode 0x05 for Action Man: Destruction X (SLES-03083).


** 2017/02/10 (Prototype 1) **
- PS2SDK update, no core changes. For PS3 testings...


** 2017/01/28 (WIP 06 Beta 17) **
- Added support for the HDD-OSD 1.00J pfs launch argument.


** 2016/11/20 (WIP 06 Beta 16) **

- The SetGsCrt hack (which was inplemented in beta 15) is now disabled by default, due to the incompatibility with some CRT TVs.
  To enable it, add $HDTVFIX to your CHEATS.TXT, or patch the offset 412h of the ELF/KELF (0x00 == disabled, 0x01 == enabled).

- Supposedly bugfixed : $YPOS_## was not working (had no effect at all).

- Supposedly bugfixed : The safety code of the disc change mechanism (which fills the empty slots with the filename of the 1st disc) was not working.

- Changes to the Parasite Eve II game fixes... I can't remember what was modified. Probably something related to *some of* the game crashes.

- Integration of the "D-PAD to Left-Stick Remapping" as CHEATS.TXT commands $D2LS and $D2LS_ALT
  If my memory serves me right, $D2LS is the full code, and $D2LS_ALT is the code minus the "Stay on Digital Mode" part.

- Integration of the "IGR Behaviour Modifiers" as CHEATS.TXT commands :
  $IGR0 [Hold L1+L2+R1+R2+X+Down to open the IGR menu]
  $IGR1 [Hold Start+Select to open the IGR menu]
  $IGR2 [Hold L1+L2+R1+R2+Start+Select to open the IGR menu]
  $IGR3 [Hold L1+L2+R1+R2+X+Down to terminate POPS (no IGR menu)]
  $IGR4 [Hold Start+Select to terminate POPS (no IGR menu)]
  $IGR5 [Hold L1+L2+R1+R2+Start+Select to terminate POPS (no IGR menu)]
  $NOIGR [Disables the IGR menu]

- Added hotkeys to an untested PS1 software reset system, Select+L2+R2+X


** 2016/09/18 (WIP 06 Beta 15) **
- The CD lid open/close emulation is now complete. It refreshes the TOC.
  I'm still unsure about the correctness of the CDROM status and mode field values that are used though.
  This feature pokes the CDROM registers according to the lid open/close state and issues a VCD init RPC call to the IOPCD driver. W00t.

- Disc change support, alongside the CD lid open/close emulation mentioned above.
  This feature uses a DISCS.TXT file handler and parser, and separate VCDs.

- Static SetGsCrt interlace parameter, to help with the HDTVs that can't deal with the interlaced resolutions thru component.
  At least it does work with my crappy led TV. Without it, the said crappy TV keeps displaying plain green screens and other rubbish.

- Added a GS DISPLAY1/DISPLAY2 value calculator to the unfinished ($ONY's) 480p mode of POPS. 480p output can be enabled with the command $480p in CHEATS.TXT.
  I haven't found a way to stretch the display area width (damn these black boarders). Some games (like Dead Or Alive) output an odd signal that make them UNPLAYABLE (monitor says "unsupported" hmm).

- Added a couple of CHEATS.TXT commands ($XPOS_decimal and $YPOS_decimal) to adjust the X/Y position in NTSC and PAL modes.
  Let's say the picture of your NTSC game is badly shifted on the right. Then write $XPOS_604 to your CHEATS.TXT file and check out the result.

- Bugfixes to the MODULE_#.IRX loader, the usbd.irx/usbhdfsd.irx loader and the CHEATS.TXT parser.
  Yelling the f-word three times.

- The MODULE_#.IRX loader scans the user's files and disables the modules with matching names from POPS.
  Kills the embedded SIO2MAN/PADMAN/LIBSD/SDRDRV/DEV9/ATAD/HDD/PFS drivers on purpose, so only yours stay resident and active.

- A multitap initialization function was added to the MODULE_#.IRX loader. It's invoked as soon as the user mtapman/freemtap driver is loaded.
  HAXing into the cold of the fog. Since I don't own a multitap, I cannot give it a try. Although, I'd bet it's useless and doesn't make it work.

- A game fix was added to make all the retail versions of Parasite Eve II run.
  ... it's missing sounds. BGMs or SFX or both... Haven't played it in depth...

- A game fix was added to make the PAL version of Spyro 2 run.
  ... still crashes loading certain levels and the demo mode, like POPS is going crazy with the LibCrypt crapola.


  1) Create a DISCS.TXT text file containing the file names of your VCDs, one file name per line;
  2) Copy this DISCS.TXT file to the VMC folders of all your game discs.

  Hotkeys are :
  Select+L2+R2+Triangle == To open the lid
  Select+L2+R2+Up       == To Insert Disc 1 (DISCS.TXT line 1)
  Select+L2+R2+Right    == To Insert Disc 2 (DISCS.TXT line 2)
  Select+L2+R2+Down     == To Insert Disc 3 (DISCS.TXT line 3)
  Select+L2+R2+Left     == To Insert Disc 4 (DISCS.TXT line 4)
  Select+L2+R2+Square   == To close the lid

  Limitations are :
  - Up to 4 file names in DISCS.TXT
  - A file name must not exceed 89 characters
  - The VCD files have to be in the same partition/folder


  In two ways :
  - $480p in CHEATS.TXT (CHEATS.TXT to be copied to the VMC folder of the game, or to the POPS folder)
  - 0x02 at the offset $42A of the POPStarter ELF/KELF
  Sorry, this can't be done with a PATCH_#.BIN file for now.


** 2016/07/23 (WIP 06 Beta 14) **
- Bugfixed : Couldn't load mc#:/POPSTARTER/usbd.irx and mc#:/POPSTARTER/usbhdfsd.irx.
POST RELEASE NOTE : Does NOT work. Don't put usbd.irx or usbhdfsd.irx in your MC, otherwise POPStarter crashes.

- Added a truckload of LibCrypt fixes.

- Added a couple of hotkeys for the ugly scanlines generator (Select+L1+L2 = OFF, Select+R1+R2 = ON).


** 2015/12/07 (WIP 06 Beta 13) **
- Added a PS2 Memory Card BOOT.ELF launcher to the in-game reset function of POPS and to the quit-on-failure code of POPStarter.
  The launcher looks for mc0:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF and mc1:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF. If not found/invalid, exits to the PS2 browser (OSDSYS should execute FMCB/FHDB, if installed to a COMPATIBLE console).
  POPS will still kick you out to the OSD if it cannot init (cannot load modules, cannot open the VCD...) the launcher will not be invoked.

- The PAL patcher of POPStarter gets disabled when the XBRA and the GSM magics are found into the memory.
  With that thing, I hope the users of GSModeSelector v0.23x beta will no longer have to use $NOPAL after they launch GSM...

- Added a small ExcepTrap v1 build, stripped out from the kTLBException catcher and the other boring stuff.
  I bet its debug screen isn't displayed on HDTVs. Has no PAL selector, because switching to PAL causes a weird VBLANK messup.

- Removed stuff, in order to clean out the code and produce a smaller binary :
--- ps2host launcher (IP.)
--- napLink launcher (PL.)
--- POPStarter function skipper (config table offset $412)
--- Homebrew mcman (POPStarter loads rom0:MCMAN instead)
  Saved about 10KB off the final ELF yay !


** 2015/11/24 (WIP 06 Beta 12) **
- Bugfixed : $SAFEMODE (in CHEATS.TXT) not working

- User authentication is supported in SMB mode
  Write your username to line 2 and your plain-text password to line 3 of SMBCONFIG.DAT.
  Don't write anything to line 2 and 3 for guest access

- Yet another built-in BIOS hack, to boot games that have a broken license (or no valid bootsector at all)
  VCDs with messed up bootsector will be run in the POPS native NTSC video mode. Want PAL ? See $FORCEPAL below.

  Useful for PAL VCDs that don't have a valid license text in their bootsector.
  It forces the activation of the PAL patcher (POPS will run it PAL) and patches the BIOS region code to Euro (shows the boot screen in PAL).


** 2015/11/11 (WIP 06 Beta 11) **
- Bugfixed : Couldn't read VCDs from POPS# folders in USB mode and network modes

- IPCONFIG.DAT is now optional in SMB mode

- No more delay after the SMB connection is established... I hope your NAS will not dislike it...

- You can now specify a port in SMBCONFIG.DAT (see NETWORK.TXT, the syntax is IPADDRESS:PORT)
  If none is specified, the default port 445 is used

- Added crash fixes for :
--- Um Jammer Lammy (SCES-01753)
--- Um Jammer Lammy (SCPS-18011)
--- Um Jammer Lammy (SCUS-94448)
--- Devil's Deception (SLES-00848)
SFX are missing in Um Jammer Lammy, muh.

- Automated compatibility mode 0x04 for :
--- ATV: Quad Power Racing (SLUS-01137)
--- ATV: Quad Power Racing (SLES-02822)

- Added something to make Tekken 3 (SCES-01237) look better. Although, it still has got severe framerate and controller response issues ? .
  Almost unplayable... Irritating garbage.
  Even worse, the game boot appears to be hit or miss now. To be improved... or removed hehe.


** 2015/10/26 (WIP 06 Beta 10) **
- Bugfixed : poweroff.irx and ps2ip.irx not loaded from mc0:. Sorry of...


** 2015/10/24 (WIP 06 Beta 9) **
- Bugfixed : The loading of IGR_NO.TM2 was skipped in internal HDD mode.
  (reported by ElPatas here : http://www.metagames-eu.com/forums/news-ps2/popstarter-revision-13-sorties-et-developpements-20-134569.html#post1771422 )

- Now you can load the USB and network modules from the MC that is in the second slot too.
  (When a file can't be found in mc0:/POPSTARTER/, POPStarter tries to load it from mc1:/POPSTARTER/...)


** 2015/10/23 (WIP 06 Beta ? **
- Complete rewrite and embedding of the PFS wrapper (POPStarter no longer loads PFS_WRAP.BIN)

- Added support for ps2host, napLink (yuck) and SMB (NOT password protected, fixed port 445) shares

- Added a loader/unpacker for POPS_IOX.PAK in USB and network modes (note that POPS_IOX.PAK is REQUIRED to make the network modes work)

- Load network and USB modules from a PS2 MC (first slot ONLY, mc0:/POPSTARTER/). POPStarter no longer loads usbd.irx and usbhdfsd.irx from mass.

- Yet another built-in BIOS hack, to solve this problem : http://assemblergames.com/l/threads/45347/page-67#post-832884

- PAL patching of POPS is now denied for Tom And Jerry In House Trap (SLES-03181)
  ( thanks for reporting, ElPatas. http://assemblergames.com/l/threads/45347/page-68#post-838947 )
- No more USB modules and PFS wrapper injections into POPS. POPStarter loads and starts them before POPS is executed
  (so now users can use their mc0:/POPSTARTER/usbd.irx and mc0:/POPSTARTER/usbhdfsd.irx with no file size restriction)

- Now the default USB delay value of the PFS wrapper (in the config table, offset 417h of the ELF) is zero
  (if it does not work with your device, you still can change that value in the config table, or using the $USBDELAY_# command of CHEATS.TXT)
- Some other changes I can't remember...


** 2015/07/28 (WIP 06 Beta 7) **
- Compiled with the latest USBD again -_-

- Fixed : Issues with the IOPCD stack


** 2015/07/27 (WIP 06 Beta 6) **
- Sbv from PS2SDK commit c6cd5b3447

- Old USBD (CRC32 8EA56869) + USBHDFSD of POPStarter r13 WIP 02/05 (CRC32 E96C037A)

- Fixed : $COMPATIBILITY_0x## (in CHEATS.TXT) did not work

- Added : Vibration fix ( same as the "Rumble Always On" posted here http://ps2home.freeforums.net/post/2809/thread )

- The second controller is disabled in the IGR menu, allowing you to decide/cancel from the first controller (same as the "No 2nd pad in IGR" TROJAN)

- Added a crash fix for :
-- Cybernetic Empire (Disc 1) (SLPS-01912)
-- Cybernetic Empire (Disc 2) (SLPS-01913)
-- Cybernetic Empire (SLPS-01913, RGR)

- Added uLE_kHn_20150727 to the package (with mass:/POPS#/ support).


** 2015/07/14 (WIP 06 Beta 5) **
- Speedup hack (Select+L2+R2+X) removed

- Fixed : The LC fix was flushed and $FAKELC could not set it up


** 2015/07/13 (WIP 06 Beta 4) **
- Fixed : Bad cheat engine hook.
  (The cheat engine was returning to its hook address + 8, causing POPS to execute the next function and fill the memory with garbage. Using a CHEATS.TXT was crashing POPS on startup.)

- Added the PFS_WRAP.BIN which was posted here http://ps2home.freeforums.net/post/2764/thread , to this POPStarter zip.

- Fixed : $USBDELAY_# didn't coexist with $C0


** 2015/07/12 (WIP 06 Beta 3) **
- Fixed : mass:/POPS#/TROJAN_#.BIN and mass:/POPS#/PATCH_#.BIN integrity check failure
 (Thanks to joseri for reporting the problem)

- Fixed : Incorrect load instruction for $C0 codes (cheat engine bug)

- Fixed : IOPRP252.IMG integrity check failure

- Fixed : Couldn't get the USB delay value from the config table
 (Thanks to joseri for reporting the problem)

- Fixed : Disc identification data wasn't flushed after the identification process

- Memory allocation and hook address changes for the integrated game fixes and the MediEvil-specific LC crack
  (I wasted several days on trying to figure out why POPS was so crashy. I hope the issue is now closed once and for all)

- Made a minor change to the POPStarter payload...
  (Experiment... theutmost did report a weird issue with running the POPStarter ELF. SCPH-30002 + Neo4.)

- The PAL patcher is now blocked for PAL releases of Driver 2
  (El_Patas and I discovered that the PAL patcher was crashing POPS just before the game main menu. Please use GSM for this game.)
- Added disc check fixes for :
-- Metal Gear Solid: Special Missions (SLES-02136)
-- Driver 2: Back On The Streets v1.0 (Disc 2) (SLES-12993)
-- Driver 2: Back On The Streets v1.1 (Disc 2) (SLES-12993)
-- Driver 2: Back On The Streets (Disc 2) (SLES-12994)
-- Driver 2: Back On The Streets v1.0 (Disc 2) (SLES-12995)
-- Driver 2: Back On The Streets v1.1 (Disc 2) (SLES-12995)
-- Driver 2: Back On The Streets (Disc 2) (SLES-12996)
-- Driver 2: Back On The Streets (Disc 2) (SLES-12997)
-- Driver 2 v1.0 (Disc 2) (SLUS-01318)
-- Driver 2 v1.1 (Disc 2) (SLUS-01318)
 (Thanks to largeroliker and El_Patas)

- Added LibCrypt fixes for :
-- F1 2000 (SLES-02723)
-- Formula One 99 (SCES-02222)
-- OverBlood 2 v1.0 (Disc 1) (SLES-01879)
-- OverBlood 2 v1.0 (Disc 2) (SLES-11879)
-- OverBlood 2 (Disc 1) (SLES-01880)
-- OverBlood 2 (Disc 2) (SLES-11880)
-- Men In Black: The Series: Crashdown (SLES-03523)
-- PGA European Tour Golf (SLES-02396)
-- Radikal Bikers (SLES-01943)
-- Sydney 2000 (SLES-02861)
 (Thanks to El_Patas)

- Added a crash fix for Super Tokusatsu Taisen 2001 (SLPS-02863)
 (Thanks to antonioks for reporting and describing the problem)

- Added the following hotkeys :
-- Press Select+L1+R2 to enable the smooth texture mapping
-- Press Select+L2+R1 to disable the smooth texture mapping
-- Press Select+L2+R2+Triangle to open the PS1 CD lid
-- Press Select+L2+R2+Square to close the PS1 CD lid
-- Hold Select+L2+R2+X to speed up (FPS boost)

- Added new commands you can write to CHEATS.TXT :
-- $USBDELAY_# (where # is a number. Sets up the PFS wrapper USB delay)
-- $NOPAL (Disables POPStarters' PAL patcher)
-- $SMOOTH (Enables the smooth texture mapping at startup)
-- $COMPATIBILITY_0x## (where ## is a hexadecimal value. Activates a compatibility mode. You can write as many $COMPATIBILITY_0x## as you want.)
-- $CACHE1 (Makes POPS buffer 1 sector instead of 16.)
-- $FAKELC (Loads a null LibCrypt magic word into the cop0 register. May be needed by some discs that have a messed up LC protection.)

- PFS_WRAP.BIN (the PFS wrapper) was updated to r4 :
-- Now it defaults to a 5 seconds delay if POPStarter somehow does not manage to poke the USB delay value


** 2015/06/25 (WIP 06 Beta 2) **
- In USB mode : Sequential scan of mass:/POPS/, mass:/POPS0/, mass:/POPS1/... up to mass:/POPS9/ for VCDs

- In USB mode : All the file handlers were reworked to load user files from mass:/POPS#/GAMENAME/

- Now the VCD is checked, identified and fixes are activated BEFORE the file handlers are run
  (it was a requirement to comply with the USB mode changes)

- Support for the new TROJAN specs of version 3
  IF the TROJAN version (offset Ch) is 0x03 AND IF the defined POPStarter build ID (offset Ah) is lower than the ELF build ID ANF IF the internal game fixes were loaded, the loading of the TROJAN is skipped

- Change to the POPStarter ELF config table : offset 417h value is the USB delay used by the PFS wrapper r3 (default hardcoded value is 0x05)

- PFS_WRAP.BIN (the PFS wrapper) was updated to r3 :
-- Functions remove and mkdir are now dummies
-- The MEMCARD_HACK workaround (which has been implemented in r2) was deimplemented
-- Debug stuff and the UDPTTY module were removed
-- Added a USB delay pattern which is poked by POPStarter


** 2015/06/22 (WIP 06 Beta 1) **
- Fixed : OSD.BIN in-RAM corruption
  (was caused by a conflict with the new BIOS region free hack which has been introduced in WIP 03)

- Fixed : In USB mode, the custom VMC directory name/path (set by the user with a PATCH_#.BIN file) is overwritten by POPStarter
  (was because of the PFS_WRAP.BIN loader design)

- Compiled with another USBD.IRX
  I'm clueless about what its version is, sorry.

- Redesign of the LibCrypt hack
  The magic key is now directly (and constantly) loaded to the COP0r3 (in the SPM actually)

- Re-coding of the MediEvil specific LibCrypt hack

- Added a function which allows the user to use another VMC folder (handles VMCDIR.TXT from the POPS folder and from the game VMC folder)

- Added a cheat engine (handles CHEATS.TXT from the game VMC folder)
  The code list syntax is the same as the ToolBox one. Example : $800ABCDE FFFF

- Added a new Crash Team Racing fix which is also supposed to fix the sound issue
  (please delete the old TROJAN_1.BIN from the game VMC folder in order to try it)
- Added a fix for Crash Bandicoot
- Added a fix for Alundra 2
- Added the Jackie Chan Stuntmaster (SCES-01444) LibCrypt crack


** 2015/06/03 (WIP 05) **
- Bugfixed : IOP reset code misalignment that randomly caused a fatal IOP crash before the POPS execution (doh !)

- Integration of all the current game fixes TROJANs to POPStarter (but the Casper ones, because they need some serious reworks). Updated 5-AUTOMATED.TXT.

- Integration of the Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (SLUS-01503) crash fix that was built today. I also added the TROJAN in the Game Fixes folder.

- Added automatic compatibility mode activations for Gran Turismo v1.0 (SCUS-94194), Gran Turismo 2 (Simulation Mode) v1.0 (SCUS-94488), Gran Turismo 2 (Simulation Mode) v1.0 (SCUS-94488) and Gran Turismo 2 (Arcade Mode) v1.1 (SCUS-94455)

- Gran Turismo (SCUS-94194) renamed as Gran Turismo v1.1 (SCUS-94194) in the internal database, because I added the identification data of Gran Turismo v1.0 (SCUS-94194)

- Commited changes to uLE upon request, and included it in this package (uLE_kHn_20150602)

- Corrected a mistake in 1-INSTALLATION.TXT (because POPS actually does not allow white spaces in partition names)

NOTES : So, I tried the "partition icon to VMC folder icon" function of WIP 02. Does not work; looks like that thing never worked lol, so I don't try to reimplement it for now.


** 2015/05/31 (WIP 04) **
- Removed the messed up partition icon to VMC folder icon code. It was saving garbage data in list.ico, so the VMC folders of PP. installed games were displayed as "corrupted data".


** 2015/04/24 (WIP 03) **
- Fixed: SJIS conversion error in the icon.sys generator for the VMC directories

- Fixed: PS logo did not show up with NTSC U/C and PAL games

- Bugfixed : Unable to inject the user ID in the VMC names, in USB mode

- Added a new PS BIOS region-freeing method

- Added ToolBox 1.0 + the CUE2POPS function batch, POPS2CUE 1.0, uLE_kHn_20150506, IGR behaviour modifiers, No 2nd pad in IGR (2014/09/02) and Game Fixes (2014/11/29) to the release bundle

NOTES : No new game fixes / compatibility modes were added in this build. Only the known internal bugs were fixed, and I decided to release it now because I've also resolved the PStwo / PS2 w/o HDD issue in uLE...


** 2014/08/22 (WIP 02) **
- Added ~160 LibCrypt cracks (experimental), and truckloads of compatibility modes autoactivations. POPStarter now recognises 402 DISCS (see 5-AUTOMATED.TXT for the list).

- Bugfixed: POPS couldn't rename SLOT#.OLD as SLOT#.VMC when the VMC path was too long. To fix that, I've simply relinked the .OLD path to the .VMC pointer like I did for the USB mode in a previous POPStarter build...

- Bugfixed: POPStarter failed to set its debug display in realtime mode when the delay value was 0xFF. It's fixed now....

- IGR skin and IRX loaders are now enabled by default (in the configuration table)

- The POPStarter ELF/KELF configuration table now allows you to force up to 8 compatibility modes together

- Removed the tty on/off switch from the USB mode launcher. It's useless now, since the PFS wrapper author did compile it with the debug stuff commented out.

- POPStarter was compiled with the USB SUPPORT ON. Now you can load Delcro's PFS Wrapper and play your games from a USB drive

- Added Delcro's new build (2014/08/06) of the PFS wrapper in the POPStarter release package

- Here too, I did not try the KELF before putting the stuff together and releasing the package. Only the ELF was tested.

- Development status is still WIP, although I'll take mah vacations soon


** 2014/07/11 (WIP 01) **
- Removed the PL-2301 launch method, same for the debugging thru NapClient.

- LC cracks for Ape Escape (SCES-02028), Ape Escape (SCES-01564) and Ape Escape (SCES-02031) were added.

- The POPS.PAK decompression bug that occured when debug printing was turned OFF has been fixed.

- Compiled with the NO_PFS_WRAPPER def, so it's OK to be distributed.

- The KELF wasn't tested. None of the betatesters (including me) use the HDDOSD crap anymore. The ELF was launched via uLE when testing in the PSX.

- The current project status is work in progress

by Krahken.

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