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I attach a version of .EXE loader for PS1.

  • Only works on later slims with DECKARD. 7000x (the first slims will not work)
  • Tested only on 7500x series but should work on all.
  • Not all EXE load, some do, some dont, just try
  • You need an original PS1 disc to run this.

Exe loads after boot intro.

1. Place a PSX.EXE in root of mc0. Yes, root of mc0 (sorry this is old test elf, i will get back to this when cleaning the code

mandatory path to put the EXE file:

2. run .elf

optional paths to run ELF file:


I have attached some homebrew PS1 EXE which you can try.

In the future maybe we can create complete cheat manager aswell. We can load elfs so applying cheats from EE is really easy. In fact I might implement that soon. I guess it's handy since if we have no cheat device for PS1 we can use this, on least on slims.

Also, open source is used here, so in the end all source code will released.

by krat0s.

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