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PS2 Mp3 Player v3

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It is just a fairly simple mp3 player.

What to do.

After loading, if a hard disk is detected, PS2MP3 will create a partition for storing music.  The partition's size can be changed using another utility.  Next, the user can browse through directories and play the mp3 files stored on the hard drive or cd drive.  If a hard disk is detected, the user can copy, paste, and delete mp3 files.

What to push.

  • UP/DOWN:    Select file/folder or option
  • LEFT:        Switch to option menu
  • RIGHT:        Switch to file/folder menu
  • CROSS:        Play mp3 or Select option
  • TRIANGLE:    Stop song or Cancel Option
  • CIRCLE:        Pause song
  • L1:        Page up in file/folder menu
  • R1:        Page down in file/folder menu
  • L2:        Switch to edit menu (only for hdd users)

What to note.

This is still an early version, some MP3s do not always play correctly, especially from CD.

The Change Media option will switch from HDD to CD and vice versa, but it can also be used to refresh a drive in case the user switches MP3 CDs.

The partition that is created on the hard drive is called +MP3.  PS2MP3 searches for this partition on load and creates it if it does not find it.

Only NTSC for now.

I am not responsible if you delete all your mp3s either.


  • Sjeep
  • Robert Leslie
  • Lennart Poettering
  • Hiryu
  • ps2dev.org

By Ryan Kegel (PrimeTime).

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