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DVDScan 3.7

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Media check scanner 3.5 is the most up-to-date version of my DVD Scan tool. This latest version includes some enhanced code for better searching and patching, an updated interface and more, which I’ll explain along the way.

Media check scanner is primarily used for patching ps2 games so they are allowed to be backed up to CDR instead of it’s original media DVD.

The games have routines that check what format of media it’s playing from...if it’s found the game is on the wrong media type then the game will not load. We’ve come to know these routines as DVD Checks.

The files that contain these routines are the games system files (main executables and drivers). The main exe’s name is usually in the form of SLES_***.**, SLUS_****.** or SLPM_***.** The ***’s can be any numbers. There could be secondary exe’s which would usually have the extension of ELF. The driver files have the extensions IRX and IOPRP***.IMG.

There are, of course, many other files on the DVD that make up the game but usually these would not contain any DVD checks.


Since the popularity of DVD Burners have soared it there has been less need to produce DVD rips as people are backing up their games straight to DVD. What does seem to becoming popular is taking the old DVD rips and creating multi-DVD games. There are tutorials around to do this and I won’t be going into it here.

One step of adding a DVD-rip back to DVD is the need to replace the original DVD-Check that was removed when the game was ripped. This version of media check scanner includes the ability to re-patch old games with the old type of DVD Check.

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