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Ultimate Patch (PES 2020 PC) 8.0

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Patch Includes:

  • Licensed All Leagues, Teams and Competitions (Fake Leagues replaced with Bundesliga, MLS and J1 League 100% Complete)
  • Licensed Balls, Referee Kits and Scoreboards for every League and Competitions
  • Licensed Boots for almost every player
  • Licensed Kits for all Teams with proper badges and sponsors.
  • Licensed Referee Kits for all Leagues and Competitions
  • Licensed Scoreboards for every League and Competitions
  • Licensed All Trophies
  • Entrances remade with new animations and team anthems
  • English Commentary Improved
  • Added Chants/Cheers and Goal Songs for the majority of the teams
  • New Menu/Backgrounds and ML Graphics
  • 24,000 added Players Minifaces
  • 1,000 added Coach Minifaces
  • .. and much more to find out!


  • Download the Ultimate Patch and then open it with WinRaR (or similar). Now extract the Sider folder wherever you want, but NOT in the game folder!
  • Download the Ultimate Patch - Save and then open it with WinRaR (or similar). Now extract the save folder to your Documents\Konami\efootball Pes 2020\xxxxxnumbers folder and overwrite if asked.

Note: From now on ALWAYS run the game through the Sider\sider.exe file. This will launch automatically the game with mods loaded. If you launch the game through Steam or through the official eFootball Pes 2020\Pes2020.exe (by mistake or because you wanted to play online), you always have to put back the save folder as said above before launching the sider.exe.

by BiRaitBec.

Que novedades incluye la versión 16.02.2020 DataPack 4.0   See changelog


No hay lista de cambios disponible para esta versión.

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