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PoyoShop 1.4.2

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PoyoShop is a freeshop that will allow you to install games, updates or free Dlc without going through a computer.

This freeshop is based on the famous homebrew Tinfoil, like FreeShop HBG Shop.


by PoyoShopNX Team.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.4.2



  • Improved Stash
  • Modification of stash temporarily to avoid quota concerns
  • To activate the new Stash Both are disabled by default, to turn them on just go to the file browser in the store and activate one or the other.
  • This will help with quota issues. Activate source JackInTheShop Source is from = time I do mine
  • To obtain the download link please request a ticket in #demande_de_ticket


  • Fixed a bug that prevented PoyoShop from accessing mod_conf.ini that blocked some functionality
  • Add a compatible NSP Forwarder to 9.1
  • Modification of certain configuration for the improvement of the stability on Atmosphere / Kosmos - Update of the Stash: Access to games in NSZ, Update of the games, DLC of the games and addition of a lot of game.

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