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User Interface X (UIX)

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It's about friggin time - I mean - it's with great pleasure we present to you the 1st official release of the user.interface.x dashboard. This is as basic, yet functionally complete as one could need. This will most likely be the 1st and last release using  anything from the original Microsoft dashboard, all future releases will be completely our original material, from the scripts to the meshes and everything in between.

Listed below are the new scriptable functions and objects now at your disposal, as  well as descriptions/samples of each. They were made to be as simple as possible to use  so you should have very little heartache implimenting them into your work.

This release includes our last Microsoft menu to replace the very used up drop down  style hard drive menus. We now give you one you have been waiting for since day 1... the memory menu. This is a user.interface.x exclusive, as is the brand new file manager :)

This dash is released in two separate parts to make future updates easier and a much smaller download (+-7mb compared to 40+)

Part One: xx.xx.xx.user.interface.x.dash.rar

  •  this is the dash core, the smaller of the two and the one we will update

Part Two: xx.xx.xx.user.interface.x.dash.audio.&.fonts.rar

  • this is the contents of the audio and fonts folders, audio will not need  updating unless you use custom sounds, fonts should never need updating

Network runs on either static or dchp and yes - you can ftp while watching on movie on the dongle free dvd player. Config is fully handled in the settings menu, but for those of you who like editing files, everything is in a simple ini in system folder,   there you can set your paths and names for menu listings as well as toggle the other goodies in there. Here's a quick rundown of ini...


The distro contains 'user.interface.x.dash' folder and 'uix.xbe', the xbe may be renamed to whatever you want to call it. The folder however is hard coded in the xbe and can NOT be changed. 

To install as an app simply place the xbe and folder in the same path, ie: E:\dashboards\UIX so you have E:\dashboards\UIX\user.interface.x.dash and E:\dashboards\UIX\uix.xbe

To install as a main dashboard simply place the folder and xbe on a partition root,  ie: E:\ so you have E:\user.interface.x.dash and E:\uix.xbe

Bug Reporting:

As this is the first public release the increase in number of users will no doubt unveil some bugs we have yet to come across. Everyone in #teamUIX is more than helpful with resolving script bugs and will be able to pass on to devs to resolve actual issues with the xbe itself.


The new memory style menus have 'Launch Title' and 'Delete Title' in their submenu. Don't worry, 'Delete Title' doesn't do anything. It was simply left to show that more can be added to that submenu if desired. One could script in for it to be 'Edit Comments' and use the keyboard to create a file in the titles save dir to read text from and display that text in the meta panel below. Just an idea :)

Playlist Player\Editor in music menu is not in this release, that will be our first update as well as the inevitable bug fixes found from finally being publicly used.

New Menu Options and Usage:

Music Menu: "Playlist Player\Editor" is disabled  for now, will be 1st update. In "Edit Soundtrack"  menu press Y to rename the soundtrack.

Hard Drive Menu: Will load title lists on 1st use. To refresh the list of a given menu press Y in  the menu and you will be prompted to resfresh the cache. This will update the lists after adding or removing a title from hd or after changing option to list titles from xbe internal names to using folder names.

Back and Start buttons are globally mapped to raise/lower music volume. White and Black buttons are globally mapped to eject and close the dvd tray.         


I personally would like to thank h3inrich - he knows why. Thanks to Voltaic (where did you go??), team avalaunch, complex/wam, team Xecuter, damajor, team iND and everyone who has helped and supported our efforts. Special thanks to jokko for being such a positive role model - seen anything good on a  newsgroup lately ? A monster special thx to BLeST as this would never be complete atm if not for him. 

A massive shout out to all the ppl who have stuck with us through 'the cold war' and make up the coolest  chan on irc #teamUIX :) Thanks to XanTium and HSDEMONZ at www.xbox-scene.com for all the support they have  given us from day 1. Thanks to Ben Jeremy for not only trying to help when asked for it - but also for  xselect, if you're gonna script anything xselect is your best friend and #1 error 21 avoider :) finally, thanks to everyone who spends their time building and rebuilding, writing and rewriting, creating and  tweaking, and giving up their free time so our free time can be that much cooler. we all owe them a  tremendous thx. and finally thanks to you, there is no scene without users,  and the user is who we do this all for...

... now get to scripting :) below is the list of changes and features added, as always there are  plenty of helpfull ppl in #teamUIX.
    ...enjoy TeamUIX

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