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Iconit 4.05

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allows jailbroken console owners with PS4 HEN to change PlayStation 4 game icons without requiring an FTP client to replace them using customized images.

What I'm capable of?

  • This application is much convenient than uploading the images manually for many reasons :-
  • This tool will take the game title and search for the CUSA type of the game from your system so you don't have to search CUSA of the game anymore
  • This tool will resize the images for you to the required size so you no longer need to use any applications or whatsoever to do that
  • Not only that but it also count how many images are required for each game (icon) some games require only 2 images while others require more so no longer counting them by yourself it'll count and overwrite them roughly 0.35 second per image resizing included
  • This tool will connect to your PS4 system through FTP directly so you no longer need FTP client applications such as FileZilla at least not for changing the game icons
  • This tool will work no matter how bad your speed connection minimum of 2kbps Upload and Download << The more speed you got the faster it'll perform >>
  • I added a Library (Circlizeit.zip) that has lots of images for you to choose from BUT DO DONT forget to copy the image you'd like to use to Uploadit folder first




How to use Iconit?

Make sure both PS4 and PC  are connected to the same WIFI

>run [generate IP file.exe] 

>open [PS4 IP.txt]

>replace XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX with your IP 

>replace Port if needed

>Go to Al-Azif's host 
>run FTP

>run [Iconit v1.00]

when connection success and asks for Game title 

>write the game 
 exp:[grand theft auto five] for GTA V
 or [grand theft]

when Game ID found successfully and asks for icon name 

>Copy & paste your picture name with the  extention from Upload file
NOTE:Sometimes it detects the abbreviation the game title
exp:[grand theft auto = GTA]
exp:[tricky towers = TT]

Let the magic begin ...

have fun!!

by OfficialAhmed.

Que novedades incluye la versión 4.05


  • [Major fix]
    • fixed error 550
    • fixed error 505
  • [Added features]
    • Now supports resizing which is for (1080p, 2k and 4k screen resolutions)
    • Supports more homebrew apps\games (SSNE, LAPY, SLUS, SLES, MODS, NPX, NPS, NX) prefixes added
    • Change profile avatar now available (no more 550 issue)

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