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HBUpdater 2.4

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HBUpdater is a one-stop-shop for managing and updating your Nintendo Switch Homebrew!

  • Includes a lot of popular homebrew
  • Tracks which homebrew version you have installed
  • Downloads directly from github
  • Add your own github repos
  • No longer visit 17.53 different places to make sure you have the latest version of everything
  • Blawar NUT server integration
  • Easily install past versions of homebrew

Planned Features:

  • Firmware Manager (I want to be really careful with this one)
  • Default SD Location
  • Version 1.0 will hopefully be compatible with vgamoose's Homebrew Store

How to use:


  • Extract HBUpdater.zip
  • Install python
  • Double-click startHPUpdater.bat


  • Extract HBUpdater.zip
  • Mac users may already have a compatible version of python installed, try double-clicking HBUpdater.py --If the file opens in a text reader, close the reader and right-click the file and open it with pylauncher
  • If this still doesn't work, install python


  • Extract HBUpdater.zip
  • Navigate to the directory in a terminal
  • Type "python HBUpdaterGUI.py"
    • If you are missing dependencies do the following:
    • sudo apt-get install python3 python3-pip python3-tk
  • If you don't know how to do this you should probably be using Windows.

by LifeOnEdge.


Que novedades incluye la versión 2.4



  • Fixed some bugs


  • fixed bug displaying injector banner, less bold text
  • reduced package image pop-in, and fixed images missing on screen load due to insufficient padding
  • Added settings system, settings page, added on-the fly tile size adjustment
  • Updater failing to get update file no longer causes crash
  • Falls back on old repo json when new one unavailable
  • Added multiple maximization settings (Normal/Fullscreen/Maximized)
  • Added setting to keep window topmost
  • Fixed searchbar and dropdown padding in main page

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