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ModeB 0.51

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Put ANY Hitachi 360 drive in Mode B using Windows!

 This exe is a win32 app that will put a Hitachi drive in Mode B by sending cdb E7 H I T 30 90 90 D0 01

 Be warned: This win32 program does not use the windows API. The exe writes directly to the ATA  controller's I/O ports (which requires the PortIO32 driver) It also requires an ATA - SATA adapter  to connect your 360 drive to your PC, or a SATA controller that has legacy mode. Look fot it in the  controllers BIOS setup options.

 Install the driver:

Simply double click the PortIO32.exe, if for any reason the installation fails, the required files and  instructions for manual installation will be place in a "driver" folder within the ModB.exe directory.

 Uninstall the driver:

 Open a command prompt in the PortIO32.exe directory and type: Portio32 remove   Again, if the uninstall fails, instructions will be givin to manually remove the driver.


 ModeB command_base
    [command_base: base register of ATA command block in hex (e.g. 1F0 or 170)]
     [legacy mode sata: command base = i/o from msinfo32]

 Command base register is the port number you would generally get from iPrep when modding a Samsung or Benq.

1.) If you have not already done so, install the drive. Double click the PortIO32.exe
2.) Connect the Hitachi drive to your computer powered off
3.) Open a command prompt in the ModeB.exe directory and type: ModeB xxxx (where xxxx is the command base register)
4.) Power on the hitachi and the dots should stop and say "done!"
5.) Test mode B status with the eject trick, 2 presses to open etc....
    Drive should now show up in windows!


Got bored, compiled a 16 bit version for those having issues with BSOD in windows...  copy ModeB_16.exe to the root directory of a DOS boot cd/floppy/USB-drive, you can use iPrep to make one!

 Boot to dos and type: ModeB_16 xxxx (where xxxx is the command base register)

 Also, I replaced the "if" statement with a "while" statement when sending the cdb.....   if the statement fails it returns 1 but now prints a "." rather than an error or timeout message...

by Podger.

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