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DVDKey 1.2

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DVD key grabber for Benq and Lite-on

What's new in v1.2:

  • - changed the compiler, now takes few seconds
  • - more detailed errors
  • - should work on other controllers than VIA


It receives DVDkey from drive serial port and saves to file.
It saves identify.bin and inquiry.bin for the spoof lovers.
It unlocks Benq drive so you can use Dosflash without power on/off trick.

For key retrieving, you need a LVTTL-RS232 converter (max3232 with 3,3vcc)
max232 with 5vcc seems to do the job anyway, i've not tested, but a safe way it's to connect only the RX line of max232.
You must use COM1 embedded on motherboard (0x3F8 IRQ4)
TX RX pins of the drive are on power cable (for liteon the trace to powercable are cut, need a little soldering).

1 Poweron drive, eject tray, poweroff drive, close eject switch, manually close the tray to halfway.
2 Poweron PC, boot MS-DOS (from floppy or pendrive)
3 Connect sata and serial, poweron drive (tray must stay half open)
4 DVDkey [sataport]
- For running again the app, poweroff and on the drive or repeat all steps

For rs232 troubleshuting, consider that Liteon  by default outputs an endless stream of 0x00 and 0x01 at 115200 8N1, you should see it with Realterm with display set to hex

As always, us at your own risk

Thanks and respect to Tiros, Schtrom, TMF, Redline99, c4eva


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