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Omniconvert 1.1.1 r2

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Omniconvert, like its predecessor, MAXConvert, can encrypt and decrypt codes for many devices. As of this release (2008) it handles codes for all commercially available devices available in North America, and most (if not all) devices available in Europe and Asia. More than that is designed to perform the more common translations of codes from one device to another. It is also capable of creating update files for the three modern devices. 

This help file will describe the primary features, and assist you in using the program. 

This program's appearance is an amalgam of MAXConvert and CB2Crypt. I had always wanted to clean up the interface of MAXConvert by moving many of its options to menus, but people were somewhat accustomed to the way MAXConvert was, through it and virtually every other tool. When CB2Crypt used this sort of organization without getting many public complaints, it seemed like Misfire had paved the way. Hopefully, I won't regret following down it...

Features of Omniconvert 

Supported Encryptions and Devices 

Omniconvert can encrypt and decrypt codes for any major commercial device currently on the market. The only encryptions it does not handle are those that may be used by lesser known devices that are generally knock-offs of one of the better known devices. Typically, you can make codes compatible with those devices by either using unencrypted codes, or by encrypting the codes for one of the devices named in Omniconvert's menus. The encryptions listed in the menu are:

  • Action Replay MAX
  • Action Replay Version 1
  • Action Replay Version 2
  • CodeBreaker Version 1 and Up
  • CodeBreaker Version 7 and Up
  • Gameshark Version 1
  • Gameshark Version 2
  • Gameshark Version 3 and Up
  • Xploder Version 1 and Up
  • Xploder Version 4 and Up

Additionally menu items are present for Xploder Version 5+, and GameShark Version 5+. Those devices use the same encryption as their immediate predecessor (GameShark Versions 3-4 and Xploder Version 4), but they add a line to each code as a verifier. The extra option is there to force creation of this verifier when necessary. It is known to be optional on some versions that can utilize it. Therefore you may choose the lower version, if you wish to forgo the additonal line.

Code Translation 

Omniconvert will attempt to translate codes between devices. It handles the common translations that can occur, and a few of the more complex, rarer translations. Due to compatibility issues between devices, 100% translation is not possible, and some of the most complex translations are impossible to handle automatically. Error text will replace the code output if a cheat contains codes that cannot be translated to the target device.

File Outputs 

  • Omniconvert can save youre data to several formats.
  • Action Replay MAX Code Lists (.bin) files.
  • CodeBreaker Cheat (.cbc) files.
  • Xploder/GameShark/Xterminator Update (.p2m) files.
  • Plain text files.

Contributors to Omniconvert 

Source Code

  • Pyriel: The maintainer of this program. Interface, cheat file serialization, GameShark/Xploder/Xterminator crypt and utility routines.
  • Misfire: CodeBreaker crypt routines, from CB2Util and CB2Crypt, and Action Replay Version 2 crypt routines.
  • Parasyte: Action Replay MAX encryption.
  • Much thanks is due to Misfire and Parasyte for the hard work that went into their respective works, and for releasing them under open source rules.

Testing and Other Assistance

  • Bfoos
  • ChaosZage
  • Hacc
  • Lee4
  • Skiller
  • Toto67

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