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PSX/PS2 Disc Patcher 3.0

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oO What it Does Oo

  •     This program can patch psx and ps2 cd and dvd images for different regions.
  •     It also supports the patching of the main exe filename for psx and ps2 cd and dvd images.
  •     It can patch discs to make them appear to be 'master discs'. (Lets you play burnt discs on debug PS2s!)

oO Images Types Supported Oo

  •     Psx (mode 2) cd images that are either 2048 or 2352 bytes per sector.
  •     Ps2 (mode 2) cd images that are either 2048 or 2352 bytes per sector.
  •     Ps2 dvd iso images.
  •     Ps2 dvd gi images.
  •     (cd and dvd images with image headers are supported as long as their 'bytes per sector' format is supported)

oO History Oo

        -master disc patching is now correct for both cd and dvd!
        - fixed master disc patching to not fuk up your image!
          (note is still doesnt patch PROPER master disc info)
        - fixed a few little bugs where image file wasnt properly closed when an
          error occurred
        - added ps2 logo encryption
        - fixed a big where cdrwin made iso files were having there header
          size wrongly calculated
        - added support for images that are either 2048 or 2352 bytes per sector
        - added support for images with image headers (*.gi images now supported)
        - fixed a signature patch bug on cd images
        - fixed the patching or american and japanese psx region info

        - initial release.
        - supports cd and dvd iso images (not dvd *.gi images yet)
        - supports psx and ps2 discs
        - supports japan, usa and europe regions for both psx and ps2
        - supports exe filename patching (even on dvd unicode file descriptors)
        - ps2 logo encryption not supported yet
        - master disc patching information is not fully implemented

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