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PS4 Linux Loader v2

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A simple payload that let you run Linux on your 5.05 PS4

## How to build

I use PS4 SDK to compile it. You also need to compile PS4 Kexec and place 'kexec.bin' into this folder. Compile kexec with 'make CFLAG='-DPS4_5_05 -DKASLR -DNO_SYMTAB'.

## How to use

You need a FAT32 formatted USB drive plugged in on any PS4's USB port with the following files on the root directory : bzImage and initramfs.cpio.gz. You can download [them here](https://mega.nz/#!hEh1QI4B!gCDA5l7GyTekQ-fURvKw6WRieSbHETb3tYHb--SkmhM).

Then you will need to send the payload (PS4-Linux-Loader.bin) to your PS4. For that go to your PS4 web browser, go to darbness.com/ps4 and send the payload to your PS4 using netcat or other.. (You can also use my tool: [PS4 Payload Sender](https://github.com/valentinbreiz/PS4-Payload-Sender)).

For 4.05:


For 4.55:


For 5.01:


For PS4 Pro / Slim / FAT:


## Credits and links
Thanks to 2much4u, Darbnes and jiangwei.

Useful links:

by PS3ITA.

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