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OrbisDBgUI 1.0b

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User Interface implementing the OrbisDbg Debugger for Playstation 4


  • Continue debugging already attached processes
  • Memory Editor
  • Register Editor
  • Disassembly View
  • Processes List
  • Software Breakpoints

How to Use

  1. Send OrbisDbg.bin to your console
  2. Launch and attach to game process
  3. Debug


Zydis by Zyantific
HexEditor by jariq


Sabotage for his 4.55 debugger and tons of help on this project
Golden/Xemio for 5.05 patches/kernel offsets and process elf loading
Vortex for his version of ps4 payload sdk for base webkit payloads
CTurt original ps4 payload sdk
Specter 5.05 exploit
Anyone else who has contributed to PS4 exploit

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