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PS3 4K Pro Mod 5.1

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It's a Collection Of Mods that Changes the PS3 System Look:

  • PS4 Boot Sounds
  • PS4 GameBoot Sounds
  • PS4 XMB Sounds
  • PS4 PS Store Icon
  • PS3 4K Pro Boot Logo
  • PS3 4K Pro GameBoot Logo
  • PS3 4K Pro System Texts
  • PSP Wave Background
  • PSP Colors Background
  • PSP System Colors
  • Added Facebook Icon under Network
  • Added Reboot Icon under Users
  • Added PS3 4K Pro Theme under Themes
  • Added 2160p Resolution Option in Output Resolutions.
  • Added PS3 4K Pro Logo in About Game Options
  • Added PS3 4K PRO in System Credits
  • Added Boost Mode
  • Added Side Menu Animations
  • Added Buttons Animations
  • New Battery Level Indicators
    • Full = Green, Half = Yellow, Weak = Orange, Empty = Red
  • New Controller Indicators
    • 1 = Red, 2 = Blue, 3 = Green, 4 = Yellow)
  • New Notification Background
  • New Icon for PSN
  • New Icon for Throphies
  • New Icon for Online Folder
  • New Icon for My Games
  • New Icon for File Manager
  • New Icon for RetroArch XMB
  • New Icon for Pkg Launcher
  • New Icon for PSP Launcher
  • New Icon for MultiMan
  • Translated Debug Options for All Languages
  • Translated System Reboot for All Languages
  • Priority Apps Bubbles


✮ How to Install ?

- Just Install the PKG File and Launch It

★ How to Unistall ?

- Just Launch the PKG file and Choose Backups and Restore


  • - To See the Homebrews New Icons You Need to Have RetroArch, PSP Launcher, PKG Launcher and Multiman Installed, not included in the Mod.
  • - Set Priority for RetroArch, PSP Launcher, PKG Launcher and Multiman after Installing will be Located in File Manager -> Package Manager -> Downloaded Content.
  • - After The Installation Go to System -> Themes and Apply the PS3 4K Pro Theme.
  • - It includes Lastest Webman MOD Enabled by Default, so if you use another Plugin to load your games, you need to reinstall it.
  • - It is not compatible with CCAPI in DEX Mode, CEX works fine

Que novedades incluye la versión 5.1



  • Added: PSP™Remasters now shows under PSP™ Folder.
  • Improved: Webman Updated.
  • Improved: Uninstaller Changes for Avoiding Next Installation Errors.
  • Fixed: PS2™ Game Playback.


  • Added: Automatic Enable HEN to HEN Enabled after a XMB Reload.
  • Added: BD/DVD .ISO Folder in Video Column (Requires WebMan).
  • Added: Built-in Uninstaller.
  • Added: Clear History in PlayStation™Network Column.
  • Added: Custom HEN for Categories to Reload after Enabling it.
  • Added: Customization Options.
  • Added: DECR Firmware 0.90.002 and Classic PSN User's Avatars.
  • Added: Flash Games.
  • Added: Gameboot Sound for HEN.
  • Added: Headset Game Sound for HEN.
  • Added: Improved Wave Particles for HEN
  • Added: Install/Delete Packages Top Bar Headers
  • Added: More Stars in Gaia Music Player Visualization.
  • Added: New Browser Side Menu Animations.
  • Added: Browser Funcions Top Bar Header.
  • Added: New Effect in Canyon Music Visualization.
  • Added: Online Radio.
  • Added: Online Wallpapers in Photo Category.
  • Added: PlayStation®Store Icon Now Shows Options to Launch The Original Store or Unofficial Stores Downloaded Via External Sites.
  • Added: PlayStation™Network Access in PlayStation™Network Column.
  • Added: PS3™ OFW 1.00 Blur Effect.
  • Added: PS3™ System Language Flags.
  • Added: PS3™/PS2™/PSX™/PSP™/Retro™/XMB™ Game Format Folders in Game Column.
  • Added: Security System.
  • Added: Soft Brick Protection for Missing xmls.
  • Added: Support for 4.84, 4.85 and 4.86 HFW.
  • Added: Support in Network Column.
  • Added: Update directly on XMB™.
  • Added: User interaction on XMB Affects the Particles.
  • Added: XMB Screenshot Category and Button Combo.
  • Added:Online Chat Between PS3™ 4K Pro Users.
  • Fixed: Rebuild Data Base Missing Text.
  • Fixed: User Category Side Menu and Rebuild Database Texts in English UK.
  • Fixed: Video & Game Gameboots Texts Position on Resolutions Below FHD.
  • Improved: Anime Reader Website Provider Changed.
  • Improved: Boost Mode Now Has Been Translated to All Languages Like The Official PS4™ One.
  • Improved: Debug System Update Settings Translated to All Languages.
  • Improved: Emojis and System Buttons Remastered from PS4™ and PS Vita™.
  • Improved: File Manager with tons of New Options.
  • Improved: HEN Behavior.
  • Improved: HEN Icon.
  • Improved: HEN Logo Script.
  • Improved: HEN Supports Now, All The CFW Custom SPRXs, a XMB Refresh is Needed.
  • Improved: Loading Speed to Scan Online Music/Podcast/Videos/TV Installed Items.
  • Improved: Online Music/Podcast/Videos/TV Features are Disabled on In-Game XMB.
  • Improved: PS3™ 4K Pro Logo and Boost Mode Now Only Appears on The XMB.
  • Improved: The Default Wave on The Music Player Visualization Now Follows The System Color Preset (CFW).
  • Improving/Updating File Manager Follows System Language. (7 of 20 languages supported by now).
  • Removed: USB Online Music/Podcast/Videos/TV Features are Disabled for Faster Scan Times.


  • Added: Different Gameboots for Games and Videos (CFW).
  • Improved: Screen Saver Icon.
  • Fixed: Missing In-Game Custom XMB Icons.
  • Fixed: Reboot XMB Add-On Translations.
  • Fixed: Installer Texts After Installation (HEN).


  • Added: Support for Music/Video/Tv Online Features via Pkgs and External Drives.
  • Improved: System Error Messages.
  • Improved: Some Background Colors.
  • Improved: Many Under the Hood Changes.


Added: New Notification Icons for All Notifications / Trophies.


  • Added: Added: Version Logo Near the Clock.
  • Added: Animation in the Notification Icon.
  • Improved: PS4 Notification Icon.
  • Improved: Text Height in System Information.


  • Added: Top Bar Header in the System Shutdown Screen.
  • Added: Theme Preview Animated Frame Effect.
  • Added: PS Vita™ DVD Controls Background.
  • Added: PS Vita™ BD Controls Background.
  • Added: New Gameboot Animation to non Games Aplications such as DVD/BD and Other OS.
  • Fixed: Themes Side Menu Petals Animation Off-Screen.
  • Fixed: Debug Settings PT-PT Translation.


  • Added: Top Bar Header in the Information Screen.
  • Added: Top Bar Header in the Package Installer Screen.
  • Added: Top Bar Header in the Impose Screen.
  • Added: Web Browser Side Menu Animation.
  • Improved: Removed the Junk Pixels Around the PS Logo on Boost Mode.
  • Improved: Boost Mode Font Size Increased.

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